Anytime, anywhere, in a corner of your mind’s eye.

I don’t think I’ve ever been inclined to write four blog entries in the same day, but desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. And, anyway, I don’t have anything else to do tonight except go to sleep, when I feel the need.

My lunch card was located, although I ate in silence by myself, so it wasn’t too enjoyable. Nobody can win them all, I suppose.

After I ate dinner, I resided in the computer lab for a few minutes.

Then Almond and I journeyed to the mall, where I played a single game of DDR, and she played a double game with me. I took her to the cleaners of course, but that’s only because DDR was the only thing keeping me sane this summer, so naturally the machine ate a loooot of my money.

So, you may have heard of the less than pristine condition of my room, and while I did not clean it to an immaculate state, it is now managable. It wouldn’t take me half an hour to get it looking neat.

I actually prefer my rooms neat, but I have no energy or willpower to clean them myself.

But don’t worry, I am in NO hurry at all to go back to my room. It’s only 7:28. I won’t feel like going to bed until at least 10pm. And to think I used to stay up till midnight last school year. Now it’s 10:30, and I’m like YAWN BORED.

I’m not feeling quite as philosophical as I was in the first three entries today, but we can only have so many of those moments, I guess.

I gather you’ve heard enough of my banter today. Not that I don’t have more, but there’s no use spouting it out, it wouldn’t differ too much from the other things you’ve heard today. 😉


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