Wings of an angel torn in flight

Holy shit.

It’s amazing what you understand when you look up the lyrics of a song.

Here I was, looking for a good lyric from yet another Thomas Dolby song, and I figured since I had the YouTube video for ‘Dissidents’, I’d use a lyric from that. So I googled the lyrics, and I instantly fell in love with the song.

Being on YouTube I’ve listened to it a bit to pacify my Thomas Dolby cravings, but it wasn’t my favorite, but I liked the song. Not until I actually saw the lyrics did I instanly fall in love with the song. I’m posting the lyrics on my freaking dorm door now. When the printer actually works, that is. Those lyrics are just… out of this world. It amazes me a human could write such words.

I almost hate to admit it, but I’m in a full Thomas Dolby craze. Reminds me of my last craze, Duran Duran. That craze was huge. It lasted over a year. I ordered two tee shirts, three records, and two pins off of eBay. I bought at least 5 of their albums. Started saving pictures and ‘paying homage’ to them on the computer. For God’s sake, I got a tattoo that has these five circles, says duran duran, and has the lead singer’s initials underneath it.

My current Thomas Dolby craze is already gaining momentum with frightening rate of speed.

I bid on this pack of two pins, which only costs 99 cents. But I put 5 bucks as my maximum bid on that one.

I also bid on a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be at a Thomas Dolby concert”.

But, I neglected to see that they didn’t accept checks, cash, or money orders. I have to get a paypal account to pay for it. Which, paypal accounts are free, but this is just further evidence in the case that I should be banned from eBay unless I’ve got the money in my hand. If it’s cheap, I’m an impulsive bidder. ^^;

Yeah. I’m what you call a ‘Sad, but true’ case.

So, I’m totally going to watch a movie.

I’ll probably be on later. 😉



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