It’s a marvel to me… again. ^^;

It’s not that I can’t think of a decent title for this entry of my blog, but it fits, and I shall tell you why in a moment.

Got your bean bag chair, bag of popcorn, soda on ice, and cuddle buddy?

 HOKAY. Let’s get started. 😉

So, yesterday was not much to shake a stick at in the way of eventful. Labor Day weekend had ended, and the only pigment in the painting of yesterday was the fact that it was the first day of classes since our mini vacation.

I decided to use up one of my free misses for 2D design class. I can miss one more time and it will not affect my grade. If I had to, I could miss more, and if I had a reason, it wouldn’t hurt my grade.

So, that meant I didn’t have to be at class until 1:30. So, I spent some time on computers, and some in my room. Cleaning. I know, you see these words combined like this so little, but I was cleaning. I have a very tiiiny room, so if I don’t clean it, I literally have no floor space. And I need that to move around, so I’m forced to clean, really. Which, I don’t mind. I discovered that if I clean a little bit every day, the situation never becomes overwhelming.


I went up campus for Comp and Speech a bit early, so I had some wait time, during which my dad called. They had gotten the cell phone bill.
It turns out, we only had a 600 minute a month plan, when we previously had a 900 minute plan, that must have been a special offer for when you first start out.
So, instead of only being over the minutes by 300, we were over by 600, at 1200 minutes. The bill skyrocketed from 50 bucks to little over 200.
In the phone call, dad said I’d owe them some money, but we’d work out a plan for it.
Also, he told me I needed to ask Financial Aid if we needed to get the studeint aid letter before the parents could apply for a Parents Plus loan.

But I was flabbergasted. I knew I’d gone a bit over our minutes, but I had no idea that it had been that long, or else do you think I’d have spent that long on the phone with Jacob? NO. Honestly, without all his calling, I would have barely used any minutes at all.

Because little over a month ago, Jacob contacted me for the first time in over a year. I had not planned on that, therefor, I had not planned on using up so many minutes.

It just kind of… happened.
Besides, there was no other way for me to have contact with him, because at that time he lived 500 miles away.

So anyway. My class.

Comp and Speech class was insanely boring, as usual. Seeing as I’ve heard all his useless banter before, last semester. And I still don’t understand why we need a thesis. If you read the goddam paper,  you’ll figure out what it’s about. You don’t need to tell them outright. Let people figure it out, not all of them are stupid. At least I hope not. ^^;

So anyway. After class, I went back to the dorms and chilled in my room for a while. Whoop de doo, I ate dinner. Went back to my room.

Since Jacob said the day before that he’d stop by and visit me, I was foolishly expecting him to call me right when class was over.

All that time gave my brain time to mull over the worst case scenario. ‘He said he’d come over, and he’s not going to.’ was what my brain kept repeating, so I was really depressed there for a while. Around 9:40pm, he called me and told me to go outside.

So hooray.

This time, we went for a walk up campus. Interestingly enough, that walk can tire me a bit during the day, but I didn’t even get one bit tired that time.

We just kinda sat up campus and talked. Discussing many things. Like being ticklish (or lack thereof. Damn. lol), and nighttime, living in a city.. and such.

I think I spent about an hour with him, maybe. Which was nice. Said he won’t be able to see me today, but might tomorrow (But, I might get my car back today, so I might call him and ask for directions to Manly. ^^;). But, I was happy I got to see him lastnight. Hooray. Wasn’t my first kiss, but my first with him. 🙂

So, I should probably get to my favorite class of all time (choir).


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