Day-Quil, Ny-Quil regimen.

In case any of my ‘faithful’ blog readers were wondering, I have come down with a nasty cold that my friends and I like to nickname “The Plauge”. 

First, my next door neighbor (in the dorms) had it. Then, her roomate got it. Then, their neighbor got it. Now I have it.

The fall season is off to a great start.

Sure, it’s not ‘technically’ fall, but I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling it in the air. I’m actually glad, too. I was sooo tired of it being swealtering hot, I was ready for some cooler weather, although I’m sure that when it’s like 10 below zero, and I’m freezing in my big comforter, with a cup of hot cocoa, chattering my teeth, my opinion will probably be different… ^^; But for now, I’m actually enjoying the cooler temperatures… 

Of course, with my cold, it doesn’t feel as bad, seeing as I feel like I have a fever… so I feel a bit warm… XP

Sorry.. this blog really doesn’t have much to offer one in the way of thought processes, but I didn’t feel like a run of the mill MySpace blog entry…

If you haven’t been informed, I now have an albino fish named Thomas. But, he’s in my dorm room… I fed him two pellets before I left on Friday… I want to get back to the dorms Sunday after breakfast, just to make sure I can feed Thomas, so he doesn’t die. That would be rather sad… fish like him are cheap, but I’m starting to get emotionally attached… To a fish… Oh well… even though it sounds a bit silly, that’s the sort of person I am.

Luckily, my cold has some combatants. Day-Quil, and once again, generic Ny-Quil. Hooray. I’ll actually be able to sleep now.

Because jeez, when I took some the other day, I was out like a light for at least 6 hours straight. I don’t even remember waking up to roll over, I slept so well.

Well, I have nothing more to say in this entry, so you are welcome to stay tuned for my next entry. 🙂


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