Through the airwaves, people never read the airwaves…

Okay, this is weird.

Not that one can expect anything less from a person such as myself, but lately, my brain seems to be quite vocal.

An amazing feat, I know. 😉

Moving on…

One of the things that has always fascinated me is psychics/the paranormal. I do believe in such things, but with any great ability comes those trying to exploit it. That being said, I’m not one of those pseudo-reality tv sheep who take in everything said by anyone like that as the truth and nothing but the truth (so help them God).

There is one such paranormal matter that I think about more often than others, but that’s because it’s a little more…urgent is not quite the correct word, but let’s just say it’s not exactly on the back burner of the stove in my brain.


I’m not talking the hundreds of Charlie Brown bedsheet ghosts running around every halloween, or the walking marshmallow Ghostbusters types.

A better word for them may be, spirits. Those people who have passed on, but their soul cannot rest, for some reason.

One of the more prominent reasons I believe in these is that I’m fairly sure I have witnessed such phenomena before.

The first time was in the OK House, this hangout on the campus of my college. It’s a nice little building with a kitchen, bathroom, and such. They have a keyboard and a working Hammond(sp)  organ, even. They have religious connotations, but by no means must you be a specific religion to go there…  Back to the story.

It was around Christmas, 2005. I was in there, alone. A friend of mine stayed up for a little while, but she had an early class to get to, so she left me alone. I had found some acrylic paints, so I was painting a little picture of a reindeer. I was at the sink, washing out my brushes, when I felt someone put their hands on my shoulders. I whipped around, but there was no one there.
So, I went back to my painting. The same thing happened that time, only for the slightest second, I saw a sillouette of what looked like a fairly tall, sort of skinny person, I think it was male. Which really creeped me out, and I’ll tell you why. A few years before, a young man had commited suicide in the Dorm boiler room, which isn’t too far from the OK House. I don’t know what said young man looked like, but I think since I was close to the OK House’s boiler type room, it might have been that kid. To this day, I’m not sure.

The second time was later that year. A bunch of friends and I were hanging out in there. The OK House has a little kareoke machine and a small selection of songs (most of them 80s, because I helped pick them out…). Of the all of us there that evening, I was the only one who didn’t smoke. My friends had gone out for a smoke, and I was sitting on a tall chair, in front of the kareoke machine, singing, when I felt eyes on the back of my neck. I paused the kareoke machine. When I turned around I saw a sillouette of what felt like an older woman, but I only saw it for a second. I shrugged and turned back to the kareoke machine. Not even a minute or two after, I felt a hand on my shoulder again, and when I turned around, of course there was nobody there.

There have actually been some paranormal investigators that have proved the OK House is fairly paranormally active. If I didn’t believe it before, I do now.
I’m not the only one who have seen things there, either. A friend painted a mural on one of the walls, and when she’d work in there alone, she would experience similar things.

My other stories have taken place in my own house. Before we lived here, an older lady lived her. Her husband died inside the house, and I think he’s still here. As I recall, the lady had lots of cats, and I think a few of them are still here also.

The time I saw what I believe to be the man, I was in bed, and having trouble sleeping. I was the only one awake. If my brother or either of my parents were up, they were being quite silent. I have a beaded curtain on my door, because the doorway isn’t straight enough to actually fit a door. I was staring off into space in the direction of said doorway, and I heard a slight tinking sound, like when someone goes through the beaded curtain, and for a second, I saw a fairly tall, older looking man… I couldn’t see his face, but he was wearing a black, almost fedora type hat, and a black suit with a white shirt, and a black tie, I think. Even though the presence didn’t feel threatening in any way,  I was still unbelievably frightened.

The other times, I’ve been at the computer when everyone else is sleeping, and I see the sillouettes of cats, roaming around the living room.

And, to add to all this paranormal stuff, I think I may have some type of, I don’t want to call them pyschic abilities, but I don’t know what else to refer to them as. My dad believes I’ve picked up on people’s thoughts before, and he’s done a few of them himself (ex. Mom put 42 dollars worth of gas in the car on her way home from work. When she got home, she jokingly told dad to guess how much gas she’d put in, and he guessed right on the money).

I was talking to some friends at dinner in the dorms. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but my friend was having a discussion about how her cousin was pregnant, or got pregnant, something of that nature. A different friend asked a question of my first friend. A split second before the answer was said by the first friend, it came out of my mouth. The exact same words, exact same tone. It took me a few minutes to realize that I’d just answered the question when there was no way I would know from personal experience.

Another recent happening found me at the computer, playing Sims 2. I had my sim use the toilet, and as I was waiting for them to finish, I was thinking how utterly annoying it is when the toilets clog.

And, lo and behold, when the sim was finished,  the toilet clogged.


It may have just been a coincidence, but with my other experiences I kind of believe otherwise….

Well, I gather you’ve heard enough of my off center rambling for one day, so here is where I will end the entry.

Happy [internet] trails.


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