There’s a movie I wouldn’t pay to see again….

Well, it’s finally happened. As if I could believe things would go smoothly forever, my bulky, out of date SUV finally fell through the crack in the pavement.

(I’m looking for cracks in the pavement- Duran Duran)

If you’re wondering exactly what I’m trying to say with all this vague banter, the cat’s out of the bag. The airplane’s out of the hangar. The fish is out of the water. The rider’s off the horse! The makeup’s off the clown!

My big lies about school have finally been excavated, and by ameteurs with obsolete equipment.

So, to put it bluntly and like a young adult, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do.

To be eligable for Financial Aid, you must pass at least 10 credit hours, an amazing feat that I failed to accomplish.

First, by dropping Comp and Speech and adding the online course. If I had just bit the bullet and continued with Comp and Speech, I could have easily dealt with the first of these ever weighing problems.

Secondly, by missing so much Theatre class again. I didn’t miss that many classes, but the instructor is so very anal about attendance, in that aspect he’s one of the most infamous at NIACC. He’s so tight if you shoved a lump of coal up his ass he’d be bound to crap out a diamond a week later.

Thank you Ferris Bueller.

I thought that when I found out my cumulative GPA was above 2.0, I was in the clear.

Apparently not.

So the fact that 10 credit hours had to be above C was a shock, although I must have known it before.

My query is, how could I be so very half witted to have forgotten that?

I’m not sure. Right now, I have none of the answers that I seek.

Now that we’re all on the same page, things will get better.
I have to keep telling myself that, as, at the moment, I’m not sure I believe it.

Oh well. They always said, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

So sickeningly optimistic, but in this case, all too true.

Still, I must deal with the consequences of my past negative actions, one of which being, I will have to move back home.

In addition, I will have to drop all of my classes except Choir and Applied Piano, and I will be retaking an online class that I didn’t complete.

While moving out of the dorms (and dropping most of my classes) are not things I particularly want to do, it’s the consensus that it would be the best thing for me to do.

Also, I will begin some therepy, forever confirming a fact I’ve known for years : I AM INSANE. 😉 Finally, I’ll be able to either confirm or bust the ‘shrinks are bad’ myth. I personally think it’s plausible, but I could be wrong.

Please ignore the fact that I’ve been watching entirely too much ‘Mythbusters’ today. ^.~


One thought on “There’s a movie I wouldn’t pay to see again….

  1. good luck, we ALL make some mistakes, so GO FOR IT when you get in the mood. This ain’t no practice run! Keep the posts going to TMDR, you know we’ll be routing for you!

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