It’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you, such a perfect day, you just keep me hanging on…

If you’re wondering why it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, it would be because the parental units have, once again, restricted my internet usage for some reason or another.
I believe it was because last Monday, I was late getting home. Something to that effect, anyway.


This has been one hell of an interesting week, let me tell you.
One of my good friends, Chad, announced that he was getting a divorce (on the same Monday my computer priveledges got damned). He’s a good guy, and I admit, I had a bit of a crush on him at one point, but getting crushes on married men is not a very good idea, unless one happens to begin a painful unrequited love they can’t do anything about.

The minute he made the announcement, I’m not sure what sorts of deductions the Thomas Dolby-like mad scientist in my mind was making, but it was, once again, as if I was one side of a magnet, and he was the other. I’m not sure how else to put it, except that my ‘crush’ for him soon outgrew its very status as a ‘crush’. Usually, this sort of thing takes a lengthy amount of time to develop, but this time, emotions seemed to be on fast forward.

Which, to be honest, frightened me a bit.

The man is 30. He’s had experience with dating and the like. I am 20, and I’ve never been on a real date, and I’ve barely been in a real relationship, so the Eagles’ “Life in the fast lane” just about echoed my feelings about it.

Friday rolled around, and I was depressed. One, because I had to work the next day, and because I had a bunch of thoughts bouncing around my brain like tiny, uber hyper superballs.

I grabbed my cell phone (yes, it was located), my digital camera, and went to my favorite contemplative spot, with a full view of our beautiful lake, and called Chad. I explained some things to him, and we agreed to slow things down just a wee bit. As well as the phone conversation, my mind was slightly eased by the fact that I knew I would see him the next day, as my friends and I planned a bowling get together for the next day, after I got off work.

Speaking of work (in the kitchen of a small restaurant on Main Street). I know I do not work nearly as much as other people, and compared to most, one could say I have it easy. Still. This did not make that work day any easier. My first hour of work was easy. Set things out on the tables and the like. From 8am to about 1:30, I got to pull apart gigantic hunks of beef into smallish strips so we could make BBQ beef.

I lost count after 3 pans of the stuff. I was depressed just about the entire time, although I suspect it was a hormonal thing. When I finally finished that, I got to start in on the gigantic mountain of dishes that had piled up. I was doing this until little after 3pm, when my ride, Chad, would arrive. To make the day a bit worse, he asked if I could work today, but I had plans for today, so I said no. My boss was going to have me come in on Tuesday and Thursday, but he told me that I had to work around their schedule, not them work around mine, which needless to say, did not brighten my mood.

To an extent, I see where he’s coming from, but pardon me if I have previous plans. I would have told them about it last week, but I didn’t know what I’d be doing. And, I never told him I could for sure work both days this weekend.

So, by the time Chad picked me up, it was about all I could do to keep from bursting out bawling. I held back partly because there was another person in the car.

Well, when we got to the bowling alley, I gave Chad some money to get me a drink. Liquid cocaine was recommended, so that’s what I had. I then put $4 in the jukebox (lots of 80s hair metal+ The Who was what I was in the mood for). A couple more people got there, and then they started bowling. I didn’t bowl, but I did spend the rest of my money on 3 drinks… A tequila sunrise, a lemon drop, and a long island iced tea. In addition, I had part of my friend’s beer. 🙂

After that, we went back to Chad’s house, where I was afraid that his ex wife was going to maul me when I walked in the door, but surprisingly, she was actually very nice.

I was only afraid of this because, earlier in the week, Chad’s ex wife, Ellen, was in denial about the whole divorce thing (and Chad’s little interest in me), but I guess she’s come to grips with everything.

There, some people had fun doing a group activity which I will not disclose (lol), and I had an oversized bottle of bacardi silver. When we turned the tv on, Barbershop was playing on tv. After that, some hardcore wrestling stuff was on tv, but nobody was really watching. I have a neck cramp today, because the futon Chad and I crashed on likes to bow in the middle, and is none too comfortable.

This morning, we gallavanted around Northern Iowa, stopped at at McDonalds to eat, and then Chad dropped a friend and I off at my house. Hey, she had no place else to stay tonight, so I offered her a stay at my house.

I have choir practice at 6, so I gather the entry should be about over.


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