I can’t be late, cause then I guess I just won’t get paid… these are the days when you wish your bed was already made.

-‘Manic Monday’, by the Bangles.

Today’s entry will start with my MyYahoo horoscope.

“This is a great day to help other people, especially if they are improving things. Overview: Something that’s always puzzled you about a certain person finally comes to light. He or she may confide in you about a sensitive part of the past. Be generous with the TLC; it’s not easy to address old issues.”

I have some faith in the world of astrology; , it’s a bit hard not to when my horoscope cranks out something like that. Sometimes, horoscopes seem shallow and fake, which makes me doubt their validity, but every once in a while, I get one like that.

While my life is not a romp through a field of daisies, it is going alright.
I have a piano final at 3:20 today, and this week is the week I have to start really stepping up the battle to overcome the ‘finding a job’ beast, although I am so tired, and my legs and other parts of my body are in such pain from practicing for and performing Quodlibet (our college variety show) I can barely walk around campus without shouting ‘ow!’ every two steps.
I am not going to let this week past as most have, by doing just enough to look for jobs as to keep my parents off my back, but today, I am just too tired and in too much pain to effectively be polite to possible employers.
I’d rather not look today, and have better chances of actually getting a job, than forcing myself to ask today, when I’m not feeling the greatest and will probably not even be able to attempt to pretend I’m a nice, pleasant person.

Did you get all that? lol
I just need a day’s break from Hell week, then, I swear on my life, I will pick up the pace on finding another job, or at least getting hours from my current place of employment.

Anyway. Chad is doing alright. I mean, what with all that’s been going on in his life recently, he’s doing okay. Except for a lack of sleep. He hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and so he’s been extremely tired. I feel for him, I really do.

Today I told him he had the prettiest honey brown eyes. He told me he thought they were hazel, but whenever I see him, they look like a golden honey brown. Really quite amazing. I hate to see him sad with those golden brown eyes of his.

Hopefully I can help him through this rough time in his life. I remember a quote from one of my favorite (albeit teenage-ish) books, called “Tune In Anytime” by Caroline B. Cooney.

“I’ll be your other two feet”.

It was something about a two left feet one of the characters made about himself.

Well, sweetheart, I could care less if you have two left feet, I will be your other two feet, and we’ll balance just fine.



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