That’s what friends are for…

Well, I’m writing this entry in response to a comment left on my previous entry, where I talked about Ellen, Chad, and the dilema surrounding them. I guess I made Ellen seem like this evil person, which was not my intent at all. I didn’t really think about how the entry would sound; it’s not until another person read it that I realized it might sound a bit harsh. For that, I am sorry.

I still think it’s a bit weird that you’d pick Chad’s best friend over Chad, but hey, you’ve made your decision. That was all I meant to imply by the ‘things she’s done to him’ comment, but I guess more was seen in those words than what I meant.

If you don’t read both my comment on the entry, and this entry, then it’s your own damn fault if you see more in it now that I’ve explained it.

So thanks, Chad, I honestly didn’t realize how that sounded until I read your comment. Thanks for clearing that up…

Anyway. Except for a couple of chores, my day is empty. I’m supposed to begin searching for a job this week. I have an application I want to fill out, but I may pick up a few more before I visit NIACC.

I’m only visiting because let’s face it, the school year is almost over. A lot of my friends are graduating. Some, don’t know if they’ll be back at NIACC, or a different school. Still others will be in the area, but don’t know if they can afford to go to NIACC next semester.

Quite frankly, I don’t know how much I’m going to see some of these people after the school year is over. It’s almost like High School graduation all over again. I’m worried the same thing will happen now; we’ll lose touch, and then, life will set in for them, if they aren’t furthering their education.

I’m really scared about when I’m finally done with college, whenever that happens.
Will I be ready to dive into Life as Grown, Graduated Adults Know It? It’s a scary thought; the same type of thought that middle schoolers have at the threshold of High School. You never had to worry about what job you would do in life and such. Then it’s High School, and then BAM! You’ve got to either get a job, or go to college, most often, it’s both…

That’s the same type of scared I’ll be when college is over for me.

NIACC is going to be a strange place for me next semester. It seems strange in my mind at this point, as I don’t know who to expect back, or who I will meet that is new.

I know I’m going to be in Choir. That’s a given. I want to give my ultimate final chance at being a full time student. I will not be living in the dorms though, because they are so overpriced. I will, instead, see if I can’t find a cheap apartment with someone, beacuse if I have to commute all year, it will drive me mad.  I want to have a little bit of my freedom back, even if it’s solely the power to come home whenever I wish. That bothers me a little now, but next year, when I’m 21, it will make me a little more crazy.

Hopefully I will be able to find a cheap apartment, and work enough hours at work. And, if someone else moves in with me, the costs will be easier to handle. What with food, and rent, and such expenses. I would probably not be able to afford that all by myself, but many hands make light work, I guess.

Anyway, I need to get on some laundry; feel free to comment on this blog, I will probably read it later today…


2 thoughts on “That’s what friends are for…

  1. As I said before, you are a lovely girl, and I wish you the best in life. It is a difficult situation for all of us. An interesting point that has not been made by anyone is that I have been friends with Chad’s friend longer than he has been friends with Chad. I’ve known him since before either of us knew Chad. Just thought I would throw that thought in the mix. Oh, and at Chad’s request, we ended it.

  2. I know you ended it, he told me.
    I’m like, all for you guys being together if you want to, but now isn’t really the right time to be in a relationship… at least, not until things get sorted out…

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