Love bites…


At least somebody checks their messages.

I was informed that Chad has developed feelings for someone else.

And he doesn’t even have the balls to tell me.

He complains about how I call him all the time, but if he would just answer ONCE, I could get some closure, and then I would quit calling him. It’s not that hard, people. I am not going to just QUIT calling because you QUIT answering your goddam phone.

You can’t be afraid of talking to me because you’re afraid how I’ll take it.

Grow some balls and just tell me, alright? It was harder knowing I had to find it out from someone ELSE, than if Chad would just grow up, be a MAN, and tell me himself.

With that being said, I hope you’re happy knowing you gave something great up. We could have worked this out. You could have just sucked it up and told me the truth, despite being afraid. At age THIRTY, I think you should be past all that “Oh I’m afraid to tell you” type shit. Just fucking do it. I can handle it. I’m not a little wilting flower anymore.

I already know it’s over for good. Okay, I fucking know that.

All I wish to do now is talk to Chad once more to figure all this out, and then, I will leave him be.

He can just throw me out of his life like I deserve. He can’t keep acting like an immature little brat, and then complaining to OTHER PEOPLE, mind you, about how much I call him, when in actuality, all he would have to do is answer, talk to me for a little bit so I can figure this out, and then, I’d be done with it. Hell, I’d even delete his number from my fucking phone. I just want some closure. I want to hear it from him. And, I want to know who it is that he thinks is so worthy of his affections now. I think I deserve to know, especially if it is someone I know personally.

I’m not going to say I should have listened to the advice people gave me before, because how was I supposed to know this would be where I’m at right now.

I just… wish I hadn’t let myself hope. Every time I let myself hope, either, someone else fucks it up by being a pussy, or I am such a social retard, I drive people away. You have to be honest with me. If you’re annoyed with or angry at me,  you have to QUIT  BEING AFRAID OF HOW I WILL TAKE THE NEWS and just grow some fucking balls and tell me. TELL ME GOD DAMMIT.

That’s all I ask. Some closure. Then, I will let you live your life, and you can just quit thinking of me as your friend. If you can’t even tell me you don’t want me anymore, you have to let SOMEONE ELSE do it.

Quit being a pussy. Just fucking call or message me and let me know what’s going on. Then, I’ll forget you like I should have done months ago.


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