And if I stand or I fall, it’s all or nothing at all, darling I don’t know why I go to extremes…

-Billy Joel

Guess what everyone!

I hurt my back!

Oh futher mucking JOY.

So, my day started alright, considering I was on the schedule for work. I watched a bit of tv, then, went to work. I thought I was in luck. My workday as a housekeeper started very well. One of the rooms on my schedule was completely and totally clean; they were missing one drink glass, that was it.

So, I figured, with a start like that, my day can’t possibly go astray.

Well, either karma was being a bitch, or I was wrong. I’ll blame karma. 😉

I started my second room of the day. My back was feeling a bit stiff, so I tried to crack it feebly by sitting in a chair and trying to stretch out my back. Well, it was quite obvious that after two small tries, it wasn’t going to work; so I didn’t press the matter.

Well, I commenced making the beds in said room when my back just started hurting something terrible. I was in agony.  I tried to work through it at first, but it was clear it was not going to go away. I wanted to finish what I started though, so albeit painful, I finished cleaning that room. Then, I went and told my boss. I was hoping they’d at least let me leave early and expect me to come in tomorrow.

They set me an appointment to the family clinic in town, just to be safe. I don’t have health insurance (since I have to be a full time college student to be on my dad’s workplace insurance), but they said that workman’s comp would pay for it. Thank god. I would have just put some heat on it at home and left it at that.

So anyway, when the doctor FINALLY comes in the room to see me, I find out that the part of my spine that connects to the tailbone (something like that) isn’t moving the way it should. It doesn’t move much, but when it doesn’t move like it’s supposed to, it pinches and causes pain. Sorta like an older person’s knees, when the stuff around the knee joint wears out and such. Not exactly like it, but it gives you an idea.

Back strain, it says on my note.

So, it says on said note; I’m not supposed to lift, bend, twist, or anything of the sort. I’ve been perscribed a suped up Ibuprofen, and a muscle relaxant.

Which will make me tired.

Shit. My mother is going to kill me for not cleaning my room today. I had every single intention to start up on it after I got home from work. And, even though it is not my fault my back is hurting me something horrible, she will probably find a way to blame it on me. Not trying to be negative, but when one is so used to being blamed for things, it’s not exactly a shock anymore.

I can’t even sit up straight. My left arm is tired as hell because it has to keep supporting me as I lean, to try and keep some strain off my back.

God damn.

Well, it’s not a good thing my dad has back problems, but he does have them, so he’ll know how to handle it and the medications and such.

So, my work situation; I am not working the rest of this week, but I am to call my boss on Thursday and give him an update. If I feel better, I can work for a little bit on Friday, but more than likely, I’m guessing it will be next week before I set foot in that place.

Oh, I almost forgot; if it gets worse, or isn’t getting any better in the next ten days, I am to see the doctor again.

Dammit, I hope it doesn’t last that long.

Well, I should be going; I’m going to look for a nice, comfortable, plush surface to crash on.