“You never heard my song before, the music was too loud…

But now I think you hear me well
For now we both know how
No star can light our way
In this cloud of dark and fear
But someday one day…”
-Some Day, One Day, written by Brian May,  and recorded by Queen.

Well, howdie there. I realized I’ve been neglecting this blog for a bit. I admit, that is partly because I was getting a little tired of all those comments I was getting.  Although, I suppose they wouldn’t make me quite so angry if they didn’t have the degree of truth that they do.

I realize my all too frequent n00bish rambling can seem like it doesn’t make sense; sometimes it doesn’t. This might be a pathetic argument, but often, my blog doesn’t get written in at all unless I’m either very happy, or very angry. The extreme gammit of emotions, you might say. The blog is like my outlet for it. There are worse things I could do to vent my anger and frustration than write a n00bish rant in an online blog.

Still. I suppose I should take into consideration others’ thoughts; after all, I did ask people to comment. Just… It looks bad sometimes, I know it does, but it’s not.

Changes seem to be happening woefully slow these days, but at least things are changing. The parents and I hardly argue anymore, although when we do, it’s not for the same reasons (They’re new ones, such as, ‘we as parents still have the right to dictate what music you can listen to around us, etc). But that’s another blog for another time. 😉

And work, work is going famously, I should say. I have been getting more rooms to do, and although it’s more exhausting, it also pays more. I used to work two or three hours a day at most,  but recently, I’ve been going to work at ten a.m., and not getting home until after three. My bank account is also growing. It has over 200 dollars in it, when it was just $44.00 little more than a month ago. The next paycheck I get, and the ones to follow, I will be damned if 95% of them don’t end up in my savings. If I keep working like this, by the time the school year starts, I should have enough saved up to see if I can’t get an apartment, and to start paying my parents back for classes I didn’t do so well in.

And, on top of that, I can work during the school year. Mostly on weekends, but if I’m only taking Mon./Wed./Fri./classes, I can work Tuesdays and Thursdays, too. Maybe even on the other days, providing they only gave me a few rooms.

So, even though work tomorrow, I get monday off, and then work Tuesday-Friday in a row, things are actually starting to look decent. I’m honestly wondering what the Hell I have to complain about./. It’s times like this when things are going well that I look back on previous rants and wonder what was going through my mind when I wrote it.

You know, you’re right. I should be more thankful, but I’m sorry, it just won’t equal love. Understanding maybe. Thankfulness, definately. Respect, well, I have no choice in that matter, really. So, please, do not mistake lack of love for lack of thankfulness, because that is a complete and utter fallacy… I’m sorry if it appeared that way, through my brash words on these blogs, but I’d honestly rather be spewing out this hostility on the internet than in people’s faces who don’t deserve it.

So, you may call me what you will. Ungrateful. Bitch. Lazy wench. Git, and what have you. I know the truth, so fuck people who keep trying to convince me otherwise. 😉


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