“So don’t become some background noise, a backdrop for the girls and boys…

Who just don’t know or just don’t care
And just complain when you’re not there
You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour… Radio…”
-“Radio Ga Ga”, by Queen.

Why hello there.

Wow. My last entry was on the 16th. I didn’t realize it’d been quite that long!

Well… I’ll give you all a little update, because I know you have nothing better to do than sit here and read my blog! 😉

Work (as a hotel housekeeper) has been fine, unless you count the Hell on Earth days that every job is bound to have. One day, I had the pleasure of having 10 rooms to clean. And, I had just been visited by my little monthly gremlin the night before… Let’s just say that in the weather report of my moods, it was horrendously thunderstorming.

That wasn’t a fun day. We are supposed to be done by 3pm every day. It was almost 4pm when I left. And, I had help with a few beds and a couple bathrooms. Otherwise, who knows how long I’d have been there… It wasn’t fun… but that’s why they call it work I suppose. 😉

Anyway. I can’t think of many other flaws of work other than today; this poor girl got 13 rooms to clean. I would have helped her with them, but she was all done by the time I finished my pitiful 9 rooms. I’m not as slow as I once was, but I’m still not as speedy as I eventually need to be. Looking back, I used to take practically all day on four or five rooms. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing anything different, but I guess I’m gradually speeding up… Strange.

I’m like, so euphoric right now. I don’t have to work until Saturday. I just drew this great tattoo design, and I took a bunch of great pictures yesterday and today. And, tomorrow we might be going to a movie. It’s just like… I feel great. I wish I felt this way all the time. I suppose I could, since people control how they react to certain situations.

I’ve been trying to change some of that, but habits are hard to break. Take, for instance, me being asked to do a chore. Whoop de doo, the dishes, soo hard, right? So why, when I am asked to, do I automatically start complaining about it? That is very annoying… I don’t actually mind it all that much, I guess I’m just so used to complaining that it just sort of happens…

At least I’m aware of it, so I can change. I didn’t really notice before, but I could be one annoying bitch! My god! And there I thought all my complaining and acting depressed about it would change anything… Good god. It’s so obvious to me now, I just wonder how the hell I didn’t see it before…

Life is so weird. Perception of life. I sometimes wonder how so many different people can believe so many different things, and each thinks that theirs is the right way to think! First off, is there a right way to think? And if there is, which of the many perceptions is correct? Damn! One can really confuddle themselves trying to figure it out… And yet, it’s hard to want to figure it out, because you know you’ll never have a difinitive answer!


Anyhoo, where were we?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to write blogs in a chain form. I start out talking about one thing, then I think of a related thing… that just keeps going until the end of the blog, where I’m talking about something completely different…

Well.. I’m doing secretive Deaky   (inside joke) photography things right now, so I will end the entry so as not to leave you hanging ;D


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