Is this the world we created?

Hi there.

I’d like to say my life has been oh so interesting and entertaining since my last entry, but that would be a lie. I’m just bored. And, whilst listening to music, I got to thinking. Scary, I know, and yes, I do smell burning hair in case you were wondering  😉

Why are people mean? Honestly, what reason is there for people combating hostility with more hostility? Fighting fire with fire doesn’t always work, as is painfully obvious in this case.

What good does it do? I’m going to shout at you because that will surely make you understand my point kindly, right? When disagreeing with someone, why get all bothered and angry about it? It’s not going to help the other person understand your point and accept your opinion; it’s just going to make them curl into a little ball and lash out in retaliation. Even though hostility might seem like an effective enough defense mechanism, I’ve found that it does exactly the opposite of what you intend to do by being hostile!

Why not try a kinder, halfway polite vessel to deliver your message in? It makes more sense to me. If you’re kind, and halfway polite about it, people will be less likely to lash  out at you, unless of course they’ve got something lodged up their arse. And, it can get more people to see your point of view. 

Let’s face it, people; if one side of the argument is remaining calm and decent, and the other is being absurd and antagonistic about it, who are people more likely to listen to?

It might seem like a simple enough lesson for some people, but for me, I seem to have just realised it. I’m not sure why it took me so long, actually. I must be a slow learner or something, but better late than never, I suppose.

So, what’s up with the lack of comments, people? I’ll bet it’s for a number of reasons.
1, You’ve quit reading my blog for fear of another juvenile complaint entry in which I rant about my parents, and you (rightfully) call me an ungrateful twat who needs a swift kick in the rear.
2, you have nothing to complain about, and therefore think you have no need to comment. 3, you simply haven’t discovered my blog yet (I can’t really blame you for that then, can I?) 😉

I really can’t think of why else you wouldn’t want to comment, other than apathy and indifference. Oh well. I don’t comment on a lot of people’s blogs so I guess it’s only natural that I don’t receieve many! I can’t say I know anyone who uses a blog besides Thomas Dolby, and it’s not like I know the man personally or anything. And… Brian May has got his own site for his thoughts. And… besides my friends on Myspace or Gaia,  (or maybe even Livejournal or Xanga), I don’t really have any blogs I’m interested in. For the moment anyway.

So… Yesterday, I went to see the movie Hairspray. It was fantastic. And… today wasn’t bad either. I can’t say I’ve done much else than work on a computer picture and spend like, half an hour in town.

I work tomorrow, which I can’t say I’m looking forward to. Especially since it’s a weekend (busiest time of the week, in the summer) and the hotel nazi (the like 50 year old who’s been there for two years and is pickier than my BOSS) is going to be working as well. And, probably her prissy, pampered little bitch of a daughter. I swear. I knew that girl in High School, and she seemed nice, albeit a bit strange.

I’m thinking there’s only one way she got this job at the hotel; because of her mother. It can’t be because she shows aptitude in the field; she’s even slower at cleaning rooms than the 16 year old who works there. And, she never seems to fill the maid carts. And… one can generally tell when they’re being talked down to; it couldn’t be more noticeable if she screamed it into a megaphone and announced it on national tv. And, she’s fresh out of High School. I am 2 months from turning 21, so Hell can freeze over before I’m going to let a pompous, know-it-all 18 year old talk down to me, especially since I’ve worked there longer than she has. Although I don’t have a mother in the workplace.

Her mother favors her too. Her mother sometimes oversees what the other housekeepers do, and she hasn’t been nearly as picky with her daughter’s rooms as she seems to be with mine and others. On a day she (the mother)  wasn’t on the schedule, she even went so far as to leave a note for one of my co-workers, telling her the things that had been wrong in her rooms.

All I can do really is grin and bear it. I need to keep this job more than I want to give the mother and her pompous daughter a piece of my mind.

Anyway. This was all I really wanted to talk about today. If something interesting comes up tomorrow, you shall hear from me if I have nothing better to do! Like watch the special on Vh1 about Freddie Mercury, which I’ve already seen once.



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