We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now…

“Same Old Lang Syne”- Dan Fogelburg. 

Well bonjour again faithful blog readers.

Your blog authoress again finds herself in a misty cloud of thought.

I worked with this girl, today, and we actually hung out a bit after work… I won’t say her name… but… she needs to slow things down.

She just graduated High School this past year. She told me about her high school years.. The first time she drank, she was a sophomore in High School… And she actually did a hardcore drug (meth) because she wanted to be skinny… she went to rehab for that and everything… And, she’s a bit guy obsessed. Some of them she just likes to have fun with at parties and stuff…

I’ve been  trying to sound like the voice of reason, and that’s what prompted me to write this blog today….

Why do people do stupid things like that? Cheerleader does meth to be skinny… Pardon my being frank, but that is fucked up, my friends. Why can’t people just strive to be healthy and then be happy with it? Why do they think they have to let themselves wither away to almost nothing to be accepted? And use hard drugs to do it, nonetheless. It just sickens me what the widely accepted ideal of beauty has become.

It used to be, girls had curves and looked normal. Look at Marilyn Monroe; wasn’t she a like, size 14? And people thought she was one of the most gorgeous people on the planet. Why have we let the ideals of beauty fall to such an utterly disturbing level?

And yet, people contradict themselves. They will tell people like myself (plus sized beauties, aka ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’) that, “oh, at least you have a figure”, and “You’re not plastic like all the models”, but still, with their actions, condone the ideals of beauty we see today? Is it so hard to display your beliefs with your actions, and not just your words?

And why is it that people are harder on themselves than others? So,  someone doesn’t have a problem with others being different sizes, but they themselves go on stupid celery diets and exercise for hours and hours a day?

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Just… be yourself. Models aren’t a realistic ideal; we have been saying it for years; I realize I sound like a broken record. What part of the idea do people not understand?

The media’s image of beauty is ultimately decided by the public; what the public likes… So why not change it? Why not say, Fuck the media’s ideals. This is how we want to be, who gives a fuck if Hollywood puts us on a stupid E! special on fashion disasters, or if the tabloids spew their tripe about out behavior.

Just, be yourself. In the end, people will respect you more if you remain true to yourself, and not just adopt popular ideas because they are so widely revered. If you bend your whim to every changing trend, people are going to see you as just that; flimsy.

And the funny thing about all that is, in 50 years, nobody will give a shit what you used to wear, or the ‘cool’ ideas you used to personify; what will matter though, is what kind of person your actions lead you to become.

So why get so bloody excited about it?

This is yet another important lesson I have downloaded into my ancient computer brain in these past summer months; Be your fucking self.

So people stare at me for wearing my Queen tee shirt and fishnet arm covers; I don’t give a shit anymore. So parents eye me cautiously when I play DDR at the mall; screw them.

So people think I’m a freak for being honest, coming out and saying what I bloody believe. There’s no reason to beat around the bush with what you believe. Think about that. The people judging you aren’t beating around the bush in letting you know what they think of you, so why should you treat them any different? This doesn’t mean you have to be brash and disrespectful about it, but I see no problem with blatant honesty. Sometimes, you just have to give it to them straight, or it’ll never get through their incredibly thick skulls.

Which is why I’m glad I have such annoying people in my life sometimes; sometimes people really, really have to piss you off before you learn some things.


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