When the singer’s gone, let the song go on, it’s a fine line between the darkness and the dawn…

…They say in the darkest night, there’s a light beyond- ‘All I know’, by Art Garfunkel.


I feel freaking great. It’s like… I’m full of happy! And I don’t say things like that often! I just feel so AMAZING!

Today, I can safely say was a FAR OUT summer Saturday. Well, except for the fact that I woke at 5:30 in the morning. I waited it out until 6, but it was no use; my brain was far too awake to allow for me falling back to sleep. So, I got up, and played a bit of Pokemon Ruby on my brother’s game boy (yes, I am a bit of a nerd, if you haven’t figured that out by now, you need some mental help!)…

I took some pictures this morning, and tidied up the study room a bit… in addition to doing the dishes and gathering up a lot of bottles and cans. I know, doesn’t sound all that exciting.

Well, truthfully, that stuff was nothing to hold a press conference over or anything…

After that, I was super bored, so I put in my Queen: Live at the Bowl dvd and watched a few songs. While watching Freddie strut about on his stage, I got a thought.

I may have mentioned before how I went to the Mental Health Center for an evaluation, and I got a 30 day trial of an anti-depressant. I thought; today is the day to try it out. So I took one. And of course, I didn’t really feel any different (I seem to remember the guy saying it could take a couple weeks to get going)… Yeah.

So a couple hours later, I get struck with sudden inspiration. I need to take pictures. I have this old, busted LP that I found in some back alley once. It’s a compilation album called ‘Love Is’. But, all the artists and songs (all love related) listed I have never, ever heard in my life. Not even heard of.  I can’t find a year on it, so I have no idea how old it is. I know it’s got to be OLD, though. Part of it is missing, and it’s got a giant crack in it. I love it. Then, I got another bright idea; why just bring one picture taking prop when I can take more? So, I got some stuff loaded (my fake black rose, a couple things I made in pottery class in high school, my mini mannequin, and a couple figurines I have), and made off for State park, which is only a 5 (or so) minute drive from my house.

And.. I just loved it. Getting all down in the sand, putting things in the tide, and taking pictures as it came in.. drawing letters, getting all dirty, and getting sand beneath my fingernails (okay so I didn’t like that part lol)… I had sand all over me. But, I just felt so euphoric… I guess being artsy fartsy can do that to ya… ^^; And, these little boys were acting so CUTE building a sandcastle… Plus, the sky looked simply DIVINE.

It’s just… I’m so all around excited right now, it’s really, really hard to hold it all in! Why? Here’s why.

1.)The family is going out to eat tomorrow (not huge I know, but… simple pleasures!)
2.)The choir I’m in (North Iowa Choral Society)has its first practice of the season tomorrow.
3.) My classes start on MONDAY! I’m in CHOIR, and Comp & Speech.

It’s just… weird. I want to feel this great all the time! I swear!

Well… I should get back to working on my great pictures… I might show some of them here if I feel so inclined.


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