A whiter shade of pale…

If feelings could be described in colors, I would be the palest white imaginable. AKA, I feel like shit. Less eloquent, I know, but it gets the point across I suppose.

Anyway. I have been doing decently since my last entry. I still haven’t found a job, but a friend who works with her mom (they work with disabled people) said they need more people… so that idea may pan out. I hope so. Something rewarding would sure beat plopping mounds of greasy beef slices on a mashed up bun. Or other such things.

But… I am mortally afraid of a certain He Who Shall Not Be Named. Honestly. I panic whenever I know where he is, even if I’m not in the same room. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but my mind keeps returning to the time it took FOUR of us to hold him back when he got angry at someone once. He was being egged on, but still… Even though he would never hit me, that’s still what I’m afraid of. Seeing as he could easily beat me within an inch of my life….

Anyway. My family went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. It was fun… I got some cool pictures through out the day; I even shot a couple video clips of a juggler guy… But… I think I caught a cold from someone there, because today, I’ve felt like crap all day. I slept in until almost 9am, which I NEVER, EVER do unless I’ve been drinking. xD Most of the day, I only had a headache and sore throat, but a few  hours ago, I was paranoid I’d throw up. I was even standing in the doorway of the bathroom, I was so paranoid… I don’t feel quite so nauseous now, but that little stint has gotten me good and afraid of eating anything. Who knows how long that’ll last. I might grab a few crackers before bed.

I hate to miss school, but if I feel like this in the morning, I’ll have to. I really hate to miss, because I want to hang out with a few people there…. As for class; Comp  & Speech… I’m not too worried about missing. Choir; I hate to miss choir. But, I didn’t go to Choral Society practice today, and since my college choir and that one have the same director, he shouldn’t be too surprised if I stay home from school tomorrow.

It’s just… I hate to miss class when I only have two freaking classes… which is why if I feel even a little bit better, I’ll probably just suck it up and go. However, if it stays the same, or gets worse, for my health and everyone else’s, I’ll stay home. I should probably stay home anyway. Still… I hate to miss class!

Listen to this! A year ago, I’d be rejoicing for a reason to miss class. Now, I HATE it….

Anyway… I’m kinda tired, so I’m going to chow down  a few crackers and then go to bed. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow…


One thought on “A whiter shade of pale…

  1. Yeah, I’d suck it p, just to prove to yourself that you can. i felt like crap today too(weird) and keep getting dizzy for no reason.

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