Look into my eyes and you’ll see I’m the only one….

You’ve captured my love, stolen my heart
Changed my life
Every time you make a move you destroy my mind
And the way you touch
I lose control and shiver deep inside
You take my breath away……
“You Take My Breath Away”, by Queen

Well, howdie there. I know it’s been quite the expanse of time since I last had a chance to write in this blog. I still have not found a job, which means I do not have regular access to the computer, although I did find out that the only password on the computer is one to use the internet.

Anyway. If you’re wondering when I’ll get to the part where I talk about how my life has been going, wonder no longer. I can’t say it’s been going fabulously, but there are lots and lots of people who have it much worse than I do.

Well, for one, my budding internet romance went down the shitter, to put it politely. I was going to drive to Belmond to meet him one night. It was like, 10:30-11pm when I left the house. I got lost, and he wasn’t answering his phone (he’d been drinking and added that he might pass out from drinking too much). So I went back home and chugged like four bottles of cheapass beer I’d had left over from when I still worked at Heartland Inn (if people left unopened soda/alcohol or food, the housekeepers could claim it).

I tried calling him the next day. He’d called me from several different numbers. One of those was a ground line. One time when I called it, a woman answered. I got freaked out and hung up. Then later, I got a call from that number. It was a guy, asking who this was. I told him my name. He said they didn’t know anybody by that name and hung up. Later, out of curiosity, I called the number again. The girl answered. I asked if she knew a guy by a certain name. She said yes, he was her BOYFRIEND.

Nice. I seem to attract dishonest fuckwads who have no sense of honor. It’s really annoying. And, to date, he hasn’t answered the voicemails I left him that week. It wouldn’t bother me so much if he’d just grow some balls and take it like a man…. sounds like another man I know, but this isn’t the time for that… Believe me.

Anyway. I know it was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it, but I do have a new x shaped mark on my arm because of that whole stupid encounter.

 Anyway. Yeah…. I still have not found a job, which is really beginning to grate on me… I’ve gotten into a few arguments about that…. And, I only have 60 bucks left in the bank… So thank GOD that my parents said they’d fill up my car with gas so I can go visit Vanessa the week of my birthday, which is NEXT WEEEEEEK!

On Tuesday, I TURN 21!! I’m excited! Anyway. I’ll be leaving NIACC on Friday and heading straight for Vanessa’s. I’ll need to call her some time to iron out the fine details though. But still… It’s going to be GREAT!

Um, yeah. But besides all that stuff, today was kind of a downer. I was in a bad mood the entire day. And, I was tired seriously like most of the day today…. And, my guy situation is currently really really frustrating, because I’m caught inbetween a guy I only like on certain days (but who I’m almost certain doesn’t like me that way), and a guy I know I cannot have (this one, I know personally)…. It’s like AUUGHHHH! Kill me now! God I hate men sometimes! I swear… xP

Anyhoo, I have some pictures to mess with so I’ll talk to you later.


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