Can you see the real me, can you?

Well, my mother dear gave me some very kind words this morning.


So, I’d just gotten up and gone to the bathroom. I came back in the living room to listen to the weather report on the radio, and it begins.

You really need to start exercising every day. You’re gaining weight. You waddle when you walk. You are 21 and already bigger than most people get in their lifetime. All the clothes we bought you don’t fit. I’d think you’d want to be young and pretty. Your face looks bigger, your butt looks bigger, your belly looks bigger…..

What the FUCK was that?

Coming from a 42 year old twat who is a size six and completely obsessed with eating like a fucking rabbit.

That’s a pretty heavy (no pun intended) thing to lay on somebody five minutes after they woke up.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, that’s not just something you go up to somebody and tell them. It’s nice to know that you can’t see the real me.

Don’t I want to be young and pretty? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Thank you mother dear, but ugliness does not melt away with weight! Coming from a person who has never been the picture of beauty herself? What right does she have asking me a question like that? It’ just rude.

My parents like to bitch to me about respect. How can I respect somebody who can’t even show me the same common courtesy?

Now I’m afraid to go eat breakfast, so I probably won’t.

And the other meals, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about eating in front of her again. It’s not like I’m a rabid animal who inhales their food, but I’m not sure how I’m going to eat in front of her today.

Fine, fuck you. I just won’t eat. It’s what you want, isn’t it?


One thought on “Can you see the real me, can you?

  1. She might have been laying awake worrying about you-thats the only thing I can think of that would qualify for the time of day at least.

    I’ve gained a little weight myself-not enough that anyone notices, but enough that my jeans don’t fit right and a few have a hole wearing in at the inner thigh…

    Its hard to get the energy to work out when I work and am tired and don’t want to excersize…

    I think maybe it just needs to become a routine in our daily lives, but thats easier said than done.

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