It’s all right – I think we’re gonna make it, I think it might work out fine this time…

It’s all right – I think we’re gonna make
I think it might just work out

‘Cause it’s not too late for that – too late for me…”
-Christopher Cross, ‘Alright’.

This is going to be a long entry, but if you’re one of my regulars, you should be prepared for that by now.

Well, when we last left me (lol), I said I felt the need for a spirital journey, I had a choir concert coming up and kareoke finals to look forward to; and my first day at Kraft was still  yet to be.

I’m going to break up this entry into sections, hopefully this will make it easier for you all to navigate. ;D

I should update you on all of these things; not because I care that you read them,  but because I need to keep my mind occupied at the moment, and what better way to do that than write a blog.

Issue one. The spiritual journey hasn’t gone very far, to say the least, although I did spend a good chunk of time reading a ginormous wikipedia article.

Yeah. Um. I’m still not sure how I feel about my whole spiritual journey thing. It’s weird. I was almost apprehensive about looking this guy up for some reason. Why, was I afraid of something I might find, maybe something that might alter my current beliefs? To tell the truth, I kind of am. Who knows why. I’ll figure it out someday.


Anyway. Onward to issue deux (2, for the non French takers). The choir concert went fine. I  had a measly little like, six note solo in one of the songs, and I still had people from choir tell me they wished they could sing like that…. I need these sorts of comments because I’m the sort of person who will doubt themselves if not surrounded by constant reassurance. I guess my mind believes that if I quit hearing compliments on how I’m a good singer, people have stopped believing it. Considering what I’ve heard, I guess this isn’t the case. Still. I got a few pictures of a tree in the lobby area, that was fun.


Onward, trusty steed, to door number three. The infamous kareoke contest. It was on a Saturday I would much like to forget.
I must say. The evening began on a sour note, and didn’t get much better.
Once again, I got lost on my way to Belmond, and had actually driven all the way to Britt before I realized how off course I was. I finally got to the bar, and my voice was still a bit hoarse from screaming at the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert my family attended the previous Thursday. It seemed like every single soul in the bar was smoking cigarettes at the same time, which also did not help my voice.

I swear to god, with the exception of maybe three people (including myself), everybody and their dog did COUNTRY SONGS. Dreadful ones. Not even the 2% of country music that is suitable for human ears. Hideous story songs about some random girl getting over her podunk town heartache to find a real cowboy… Other than that, I’m not able to differentiate the subjects of these songs because all that tripe sounds much the same to me. Now, when I say I was one of if not THE best singer there, my ego is not enlarging itself: I’m going off what I heard from others, and what my friends told me. They said themselves they would be shocked if I wasn’t one of the five people who made it to finals.

After making us wait practically two eternities, they announce the finalists, and the only two in my memory that have not since fallen to anonymity are this guy who looks and sounds like Willie Nelson (except that he is always singing in a different key than the kareoke music), and this girl that one of my friends knew. Who sang a, what else, but country song. She had a somewhat pleasant voice, but, no offence, I didn’t think it was any better than mine, and her song certainly wasn’t better than mine.

I really hate how egotistical that sounds, but I’m telling the truth. Well, it’s my opinion anyway.

I left right after they announced the finalists, and I found myself, Jenny, and her sister Amanda weren’t included. I came home and had three giant glasses of chardonnay. I watched half of “Amazing Journey: the Story of The Who” and went to bed.


Part four (phew, this entry is going to be huuuge).
My first day at Kraft was… interesting. There was a guy being trained at the same time as me. We got a tour, and then she tried to put us on these machines that you have to load jello cups into. 
Well, you have to put these stacks of cups in rows on the machines, and when your box of cups is empty, you have to run down three stairs, run over to the stack of boxes, grab one, put it on  your machine, run back up the stairs, write down all the number info on the side of the box, open the box, rub sanitizer on your gloved hands, and start loading cups again. All fast enough so the machine doesn’t run out of cups and make a big mess.

Needless to say, I am not, have never been, and will never feel like I could do this job.  Even once I’d been at Kraft for months. I might be able to do the actual job, but when I feel rushed, I get super stressed, start panicking (no matter who tells me to calm down), and my mind temporarily goes blank. Which is what happened when she told me it was my turn. I had been kind of teary throughout the entire tour, but when she finally told me to try, I burst out bawling and had to be calmed down.

If that doesn’t scream ‘mentally retarded’ I don’t know what does. (By the way, don’t jump on my ass for using that word, retarded might not be widely used as a proper term anymore, but it is still a proper word with a proper meaning).

Anyway. She talked with me for a while, and put me on the lunchable line. There,  you put filled jello cups into boxes (the jello is still liquid at this point, ew). That’s it. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually too easy. Gives your mind time to do other things. Such as:

{Yesterday at work, I figured this in my head. We grab four jello cups at a time and put them into the box (this takes about two seconds). Each box fits 100 jello cups. It takes roughly two minutes to fill a box, depending on how many cups come through. One shift equals six hours, minus a ten minute break, I fill about 175 boxes every day. Yesterday I had two breaks for some reason.}

Yeah. If the radio wasn’t going during the work day, I think my brain would melt.

That brings us to the real reason[s] I wanted to write this entry.


As you may know, I lost my liscense after the birthday party I went to at Jenny’s. I called her, and she told me she hadn’t found anything. I know for a fact that her house is the last place I had my liscense.

This left me without an ID, would get in hot water should I get pulled over while driving, and would leave me unable to get into bars, and buy alcohol. Which isn’t normally much of an issue, but I’m going to Vanessa’s on the 30th, and I’m staying for New Years. Considering we might do the countdown at a bar, and no bars in Ames will let you in without carding you, that would have proved to be a problem (plus, my chances of being pulled over in Ames are increased a bit) So. I had to procure my birth certificate, and social security card, which I did. I got my new ID before work yesterday, so that issue has been resolved.

And, about an hour ago, dad got the mail, and I got my first paycheck from working at Kraft. It’s only for one day, but I got $35. 56, which dad told me could be the money I take to Ames. He told me the car would be filled up with gas before I went, which, the only place I need to drive is to Vanessa’s and back, with the exception of going to the Asian food store less than two miles from her house.
I do realize how lucky I am (I thanked my dad about a million times, so don’t any of you go jumping down my throat). But, that should be enough money if I stick to one or two drinks at the bar, buy maybe one bottle of alcohol, and use the rest for food. I’ll be bringing some [food] of course, since Vanessa informed me they are a little low on food.

Well. This wraps up this entry. Stay tuned to this station! xD


4 thoughts on “It’s all right – I think we’re gonna make it, I think it might work out fine this time…

  1. Hey, this should be fun!

    The bar/count down thing, MIGHT perhaps be at the party instead-sometimes you have to pay like 5 dollars for alcohol or so to drink at these party’s, thats it. Only once did we pay for each one. This will be so much fun! We can do whatever we want with the exception of work.

    Oh yeah, the cool thing about mad dog is that we have lots of flavors at the liquor store here,and its all 2.99$

  2. I heard about a party getting busted, and having to dump out all the alcohol in the house… Good thing I decided not to go to that one. Plus, now that I have my ID I don’t have to ask you to buy all my crap for me, that’s an annoying idea considering I’m 21…

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