It’s been a long cold lonely winter…

Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it’s all right…

-The Beatles, “Here Comes the Sun”.

Well, hello there.

I am rejoicing. The snow is finally starting to melt. I can actually see pavement on the road, it’s amazing. I didn’t even have to wear my winter coat today, it was so nice. It was a bit windy though, that I could have done without.

Anyway. If you’re wondering why I wanted to write this entry, wonder no more!

Okay. So today, I went out at got applications from about six places (there are three more I need to do online, and one I can print off, fill out at home, and then take to the store). So I felt good about that.
I also exercised. I slacked on that last week, since dad had that week off and I hate exercising when there is someone home. But yeah.
Another reason why I wanted to write this is simple pleasures. Sometimes the simplest thing can make my day.

My dad sent me to put gas in my car, and get a gallon of milk. As I was leaving the gas station, a guy held the door open for me. Simple and mundane as it may seem, it made me smile.

Sidenote: I also got some banana chips today, those things are laced with crack, I swear. ❤

I forgot to mention that I had a tutorial thing at Express Personnel (temp agency) today… It was on Microsoft Word. Of course, I only did the areas that I don’t ever use, such as the auto formating, macros, and that sort of thing. Thing is, I type so fast, it’s actually just faster for me to type everything in than to try and remember macro shortcuts and auto format. I actually hate when Auto format tries to correct something I purposely typed the way I did (dialects in stories are particularly annoying to un-edit).

I am scheduled for a tutorial on Microsoft Excel on Monday. A worker at the temp agency said they’d probably have me retake the proficiency tests on Word, Excel, and typing speed after I completed the tutorial. I hope I pass it… The typing, I’m fine on, but Excel and the more advanced functions of Word are what got me before. I’m also not great at typing numbers… ^^; I’m sorry, but when the test gives you a random list of like, seven digit numbers, by the time I’ve looked at the book, and looked back up at the screen, I’ve forgotten half of the numbers. I thought it was quicker to memorize each entry and then type it, but I was wrong!

Anyway. Hopefully one of these job things will go through, so I will finally be able to earn the 100 dollars I need to get my camera back. 


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