Don’t worry, baby. Everything will turn out alright.

-“Don’t Worry Baby”. Original by the Beach Boys. (My favorite version is a cover of it by Keith Moon.)

Bonjour, faithful blog readers! I am back. Comment avez-vous été? (How have you been?)

Can you believe it’s the first day of Spring already? Snow has been melting steadily for about a week now. The roads aren’t huge sheets of ice, and I don’t have to navigate a huge snow bank to get to my car anymore, and I can actually see some green grass.
Thank god. I didn’t think I could take winter much longer. If it keeps going like this, all traces of snow should be gone gone gone by the beginning of April. As it should be. ^^;

I’ve been okay. I still haven’t found a job, but I am actively looking. I did a tutorial on Microsoft Excel this afternoon, and this Tuesday I have a test at Express. The same test I’ve taken twice before. Having taken tutorials on both Word and Excel, hopefully I pass all sections of the test.

That way, Express would be able to find me a job doing that sort of thing. The prospect is very exciting. Well, that, and summer is coming. Soon, PM Park (a restaurant in our town) will open, and since 1, I already have my foot partially in the door;  2, the whole hiring process is pretty informal, and 3, the lady in charge of hiring is very, very nice… Well, to make a long story short; whether I get a secretary type job or not, there’s a good chance that I could pick up a dishwashing position at PM Park. Which would make my summer.

I want to have some fun this summer. I want to visit Vanessa for at least a few days, possibly a week (and that would go way better than last time because I’d have a job, and therefore have enough money to not run out after the first two days). I will have a job and therefore have enough money to get my camera back, so obviously I’ll want to have some of those days where I just gallavant around town, taking pictures until dinnertime. And maybe even afterward.
I want to do all of that, but mainly, I want my summer to be about work.

If it turns out that I do not get the type of job I’d be going for at Express, the PM Park job would only be for the summer. So I’d have to work my ass off almost every day of the week. And, if I do get a job through Express, I could work during the week at wherever Express put me, and weekends at PM Park (which is when they need the most people anyway)

And. There’s another reason I wanted to write this entry. It’s not big or anything, but I am talking to a couple people on the singles site I am a member of, and one of them in particular is looking a bit promising. I mean, we’re just chatting back and forth now, but my first impression of him is that he’s a sweet guy. It’s still too early to know, but in that area, it’s good to have a sliver of hope back… I mean, after that Tim asshole gave me an ultimatum, I haven’t had a lot of hope in the area of the opposite sex, but things might finally be looking up. At least a little.

So, overall, I’ve been alright. I’ve been a little more depressed than normal. Maybe it’s like, hormonal or something. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it will go away (it always does).

In other news. I went with my mom and brother to my grandma’s house yesterday. We had fun. The way there, listening to a great radio station and laughing at random things. Grandma and grandpa were, as usual, very entertaining what with their euphemisms and such. We briefly visited my great aunt and uncle, who have sadly been on the decline for a while now. My great aunt Virginia, she’s started to go senile. She’ll forget names, names of things, and will tell us a story we know she’s already told us about three times before, but oh well. They’re in their 80s…

Okay. In other other news (lol), I went to the second hand store today. I got a plastic baggy full of random jewelry and a record by an older group called The Lettermen (oddly enough, the title of the album was ‘Springtime’).
I also got two ’45 singles (One was a one hit wonder I believe, and one was a Billy Joel song I don’t know) and a white coffee mug with red hearts on it…

I got that all for two bucks. Hooray for bargain hunting.

Argh. I just heard the weather forecast. We might get like 3-8 inches of snow tomorrow.

If mother nature values her life, she had better change that ominous forecast, and QUICK. xP


2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, baby. Everything will turn out alright.

  1. I’d say a few days would be great to visit! We will have to plan!I am working constantly at papas corner-its that new restaurant that opened up. am getting fed up w/a few people but like the job as far as jobs go. I had to work 10 hours Saturday b/c a girl didn’t show up. She showed up today and was like “Oh, I was sick.” Excuse me, but you HAVE to call in! Bitch.
    I worked 6 days in a row and then Sunday the restaurant was closed. I don’t get another day off until Sunday…I am tired lol.

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