In the sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls circling the sand… in the fragments of the songs carried down the wind from some radio, in the murmuring of the city in the distance…

-Jackson Browne, “Sky Blue and Black”.

Howdie there all. It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Clear Lake. It’s 57 degrees outside. I can’t believe how nice it is.

Naturally, the nice weather is really making me wish I had my camera. I tried putting new batteries in it, and it is still stuck in video mode. What’s more is, it won’t even take new video clips any more.

But this isn’t all bad news. As I’m sure I’ve stated before, I can get exact copies of my camera on eBay for around 20-30 bucks, 30-40 bucks (respectively) including shipping. We still haven’t filed my taxes yet, which I intend to ask about today. If I can get the return that we’re thinking I can, I would be able to afford to buy another copy of my camera.

But, that could take… I don’t know how long. Forever seems a worthy option.

I think I’ve learned a valuable lesson from all this….

All is not lost, though. Today, I turned in an application at… dun dun DUNNNN…. Heartland Inn. When I went to pick up the application, the boss and the nice front desk lady were there and we chatted briefly. Chad (boss) asked if I was staying out of trouble. When I went to drop off the application, Chad was busy but I chatted with the desk lady some more. They still remember me and are still nice to me, so I’m hoping that gets my foot in the door. I’m a year older, and with work at Heartland anyway, a year wiser. As I stated, all these happenings have taught me a lesson, I think.

There’s more good news. I have an interview at Kohl’s on Monday. Frankly, I’d rather get the Heartland job back, especially since I still remember how to do the job at Heartland. I still know what cleaners I have to use, I still know where the laundry room is, still know where to get the keys, and I still remember what to put in what room, etc. Unless it’s work policy for me to listen to the forever long instructional cd, I could start work right away. I mean like, right now. I could have told Chad to hand me a smock and put me to work. I’d still know what to do.

If I do happen to get the Kohl’s job, I could work there during the week and work at Heartland on weekends (which is when they need the most workers anyway).

All in all, things are going slightly up, but that still doesn’t change the fact that my photographic brain is dying, and today is torturing it a little more. Still seriously considering pawning off my acoustic guitar, but I’d only get about 30 on eBay (therefore, I’m assuming I’d get a lot less at the pawn shop), and I’m pretty sure it’s worth more than that.

Anyhoo. I’m just getting on the brink of coming out of a particularly bad case of artist’s block. I might load a bunch of old pictures off of my camera to give me something to mess with until I can get another camera.

Actually, the camera I get depends on how much I’d make in my first few weeks/month at work. If it was more than 100 bucks, I might just go to Best Buy and see if they have any camera models in a $100-12o price range that would be compatable with my memory card. If it has more features, I might just get a different one. But as it is, I’m standing by my plan to spend 40 bucks to get my camera back. I’m just looking at my options here.

Okay, so I’m betting you’re really tired of hearing me babble about my camera. Well, good, because I was about to get off the computer and fold some laundry anyway. ;D