Good morning starshine, the earth says hello

Haha. You may remember in Charlie and the Chocolate factory when Johnny Depp said that, but it’s actually from a song by the 5th Dimension… It’s a catchy song. I once had it in my head for a couple of days straight…

Anyway. Moving on.
I was here to write about a dream I just had, when I thought hey. I should update my regular blog.

So anyhoo. My life hasn’t been extremely eventful lately. I mean, it’s not like I’ve done nothing, but I haven’t done a whole lot. I had an interview at Kohls on Monday. That wasn’t real eventful. I had to fill out this paper which was kind of redundant because 90% of the info I had to put there, I’d already PUT on my damn resume. I’ve never had to do that before… Then, this fat man interviewed me for all of ten minutes. Yeah. Ten minutes. Interviews are usually longer than that…
The job would be a few times a week. I’d have to come to work at 6am, but I’d only work till 10 or 11. So, nothing too bad. Except, there goes staying up late. But hey, I’d deal.

I’m still hoping I get the Heartland job back, because at Kohl’s, I’d only be getting about six bucks an hour. You get paid 7.50 at Heartland. Plus, you work longer. So I’d be making more money if I got the Heartland Inn job back. Besides. I kinda like not having to come to work at 6 am, but… there would be ups and downs to both…

And. If none of those come through, I still have the restaurant “PM Park” to ask about. Oh, the joys of washing dishes, am I right? xD But hey. It’d be some good money. My brother worked there last summer… The boss is so lax there.  My brother applying was practically a formality. The only thing that makes me feel a little weird are all the anorexic, preppy looking servers. They’ve got that whole “fakey nice” vibe around them, and I hate that. If you’re wondering how I know, I filled in for my brother one day when he was sick…


I forgot. So. Last weekend, I went shopping with my mom and brother. We went to Famous Footwear… I believe mom was there to see if a pair she’d looked at on a previous day were still there. We discovered a shoe sale. Or she had a coupon or something, I don’t remember. Anyway. I couldn’t find a single pair of shoes in the whole joint that fit me. They were either too narrow, or the heel like cut into my foot. Nothing fit. I was a bit upset by that. I don’t know why, but I just was. I was actually on the verge of tears. Which is stupid.. but I was.

Anyway. So, mom and my brother are trying to find any shoes that I find cute that would fit me, and I was about to cry when I told them, it’s okay, really. We just can’t find any that fit me. You go find some that fit you. Anyway, all that was happening when who should walk in the door but my favorite person ever (sarcasm), Chad. I was only in there long enough to notice his haircut was fucking ugly. But I told my brother “What the hell is he doing here?” and then my fight or flight kicked in… I practically power walked out of that store like nobody’s business.

I went into Fashion Bug, because that’s where my mom and bro were planning on going next. So, the entire time we’re there, I’m paranoid that Chad also brought his bitchy little on again off again wifey, and that she might go to Fashion Bug. So every time the door bell dinged, I whipped my head around nervously. I don’t want to even be on the same planet as those two, so being in the same store would be out of the question….

But. All that shit aside. I did find a pair of bright blue sequined flip flops that were cute. And that fit. Ha.

So anyway. That’s what’s been going on in the past few days.

11 thoughts on “Good morning starshine, the earth says hello

  1. what was i doing there, i have every right to go in there, and we’ve had this talk before about you talking about us on this blog, you know i thought you had gotten over it, but i guess not. thats ok, you’re not worth my time anyway, so fuck off bitch!!

  2. I didn’t mean you didn’t… I just haven’t had to be at the same place as you for a while, and if you couldn’t tell, I am still afraid of you. I actually wasn’t sure you still lived around here, so I figured you’d moved somewhere. It was more like, shock, alright?

    And we did go through this before. I am allowed to write whatever I please on this blog, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    And, that’s real mature. “Fuck off, bitch”.
    I mean really. You couldn’t come up with anything more intelligent than that?
    Go figure.
    And anyway, if you were so over this blog and whatnot, why are you still reading it?
    Do you think you have to police the internet so nobody can say anything about you whatsoever?
    Besides, man. I didn’t go on about it.. I could have written an entire blog just about it, but I had the common courtesy to narrow it down.
    And after reading all this, I know that I just wasted my time… You don’t listen to reason. You never will.
    I’ll say one more thing.
    Really. The on again off again wife stuff can’t be good for your children.

  3. what do you mean on again off again, we’ve been together the whole time. as far as you talking about me or MY WIFE on this blog, it’s nobody’s business weather we are together or, and FYI we ARE VERY together

  4. Don’t know who you’ve been talking to, but they got it wrong. We have been together and always will. Very much in love. Ever heard “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger?” The split last year didn’t kill us. Made us stronger. Anyone who says different can pound sand.


    DUDE. Get over it. YOU started ALL of this!!! You hit on my single friend and went to town on a more innocent and younger girl. if your wife is too blind too see this , she needs a smack in the head You did this. You began it. deal with the consequences.

    You are a hill billy piece of shit. I was there-I witnessed alot o it. You belong on Jerry Springer…

    I just can’t believe that with all you took from Melody, you can’t see what you did. You are no innocent. You and your wife owe her an apology. HUGE.

    Melody, Love ya lots!! Visit again, and sty away from losers who can’t make up their minds.You deserve so much better.

  6. Ellen-Your hubby is a liar and flirted with another woman named Melody…

    Its called freedom of speech. If you feel so threatened by what a wronged girl (by your so called love of life HA) wrote in her blog-your relationship isn’t worth shit.

    Quit repeating yourself. If you are so secure in your relationship-her talking about a random run in to someone who used her HORRIBLY shouldn’t matter. that stuff sticks with you a long time.

    But actually it should matter, because HE did this.

  7. And your okay with being with someone who did this? You had to actually correct me and add another one to the list? Its even worse than I thought. WOW.

    But good for you, nice to see someone on a level they deserve.
    Especially since thats all you could really think of to say.

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