Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…

-‘Rhythm of the rain’, by Dan Fogelberg.

Well hello there.


I didn’t get the Kohl’s job, for starters. I got a BS letter saying that they selected someone else, but they enjoyed listening to my story… what a load of shit…. I’d actually be less insulted if they just came out and said “You weren’t right for the job” instead of pretending that they’re sorry they didn’t hire me. It’s so condescending… I haven’t heard back from the Heartland job either, but I have called them several times… Hopefully that will go through. If all else fails, there is still washing dishes at the PM Park restaurant, and playing in Community Band…

In other decent news, we sent in my tax return stuff. As I’ve said several times before, we may be able to get around fifty bucks back… And. I cleaned out dad’s newer truck, and his old one that’s going to the junkyard tomorrow, and with some other stuff, dad’s willing to give me 20 bucks. This is why I thought of the title I did, as just as I was almost done clearing out the cab of dad’s old truck, I got rained on. I almost put something to do with the wind, as yesterday and the day before, the wind was insane. I walked to the library, and I almost blew away, it was so bad… xD Anyhoo. Back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress:

Seven of the twenty I’m getting is buying a ticket to Quodlibet, the college’s variety show. This is the first time in like, two years that I haven’t been in it. I hope I will be come this time next year, but I figured… if I’m not in it, I want to at least see it… The theme is Rock of Ages, and I want to see what classic rockish retro stuff they come up with. I would have really liked to be a part of it, but I guess you can’t always get what you want, (I totally thought of the song while typing that, lol that was not my original intention).

Anyway. Back to the twenty. That gives me a total of 13 dollars towards getting another Fine Pix A600 digital camera off eBay. I only need around 30-40 bucks for that.. Actually, I just went on eBay and there are people selling them as low as 15-20 dollars, with only six for shipping… Anyway. If I get my tax return, I will have enough money to buy my camera back, and extra for gas and to start saving up for the 100 I need to re-open my savings account. Which is good news.

And, the PM Park job would pay decent money, since I’d be working every day that was humanly possible for me to work… I’m going to tell them that, whenever they need me, put me down. The more days, the better. I’d just have to give them my community band schedule as those would really be the only days I couldn’t work… Considering I’d start at PM park early in the morning, like, 8 or 9 I believe, and work until kinda late…  Even at six bucks an hour that’d be like, fifty bucks a day. And that’s being frugal about the estimation…

Anyway. I’m going to go relax for a bit.. It might have been the combination between these horrid sinus headaches I’ve been getting, and cleaning out dad’s truck (I found a newspaper from 1998, and a Mountain Dew can that still had the retro logo on it…Think along the lines of the logo on this tee shirt, if the link works…, but I’m feeling a bit strange (as if I didn’t all the time).. Anyway. I will talk to you later. Possibly tonight, after I see Quod, although I’m not promising anything. ;D