Should be waiting for the skies to clear/ There’s a time in all the world/should be waiting for the sun/and anyway I’ve got to hide away

-“Doing Alright”, by Queen.


When we last left me, I was saying that Kohl’s didn’t hire me. That wasn’t unexpected, because I had a funny feeling through the whole interview, which was really short… But you already know about that.

Tomorrow, I’m going to call the lady that owns PM Park and am going to ask when I can apply for the job. I’m going to add that my brother worked there last summer, and I filled in for him one day when he was sick. You’re probably real tired of hearing this, but hopefully that gets my foot enough in the door… At this point, I’m starting to feel like PM Park is one of my last resorts, considering how I’ve applied everywhere under the sun (at least, around here), and I continue to be jobless.

It would be a good job. If all else fails, I’ll get enough from Community Band to start up my bank account again.. Either way…  If I get the PM Park job, or if I have to survive on just the Community band earnings, the problem remains:  after the summer I’ll be jobless again. PM Park is actually open until some time in September, but after that, it’d be back to the job drawing board. Which is why if I get the job, I have to work practically every day (minus the four or five days I’ll be at Vanessa’s).. I figure, if I work myself half to death during the summer, hopefully I’ll have enough money to look at moving out.

Speaking of Vanessa. We talked on the phone for little over an hour and a half today… When I get enough money saved up, I have half a notion to see what housing and jobs are available in Ames.. Maybe I’ll find a cheap apartment someplace there…. There are more businesses there. Sure, more people live there, but I think living in a place like that would be good for me. Maybe I could just move there and work for a year or something. Build up some money. And, I’d have lots of motivation, being closer to my best friend, because instead of a two hour drive, it might only be 15 or 20 minutes.

I’d just want to move there straight away, but I have to have some money saved up while I’m looking for work (which, if I work my ass off this summer, I might have the funds) It’d be cool, because Vanessa and I could help each other out. We’re both trying to eat healthier and lose weight. Sometimes, I just need someone to exercise with, somebody who understands, and we both seem to be more motivated when doing that sort of thing together.

All of that is speculation at this point, but.. I can’t live here forever. I don’t just mean in my parents’ house, I mean in the Clear Lake/Mason City area in general. I do like urban type areas that aren’t too big or too small (like Ames), and if I lived too close to here, I might want to rely on my parents too much. Ames would be a big step, and for once I’d have to rely on only myself….

But yeah. Vanessa and I had a great phone conversation. All the talk of me visiting her again has added yet another plus to me looking for and finding a job.

I forgot to add this before, but the same lady that runs PM Park runs a restaurant in a nearby small town.. I might just ask her if there is anything available there… The only plus to that would be, that restaurant is open all year round, so I wouldn’t be jobless, come the end of summer.

That’s about all I’ve got this time around.

Until next time. ;D


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