I’m on my way up, can’t put me down, business is tough, I ain’t gonna get pushed around…

-‘On My Way Up’, by Brian May.

Before this entry starts, I would like you to hear this song…. Unfortunately, even though I made a slideshow of some pictures I took to that song, youtube’s processing is insanely slow, so when that’s up I’ll update this bit.


I apologize for the tiny text, this blog seems to be giving me some issues right now. Anyway. Back to our regularly scheduled blog entry already in progress.


Bonjour mes amis.. ;D I know I don’t normally write in here so often, but I have a little bit of good news. Yesterday I talked of calling the lady in charge of PM Park, the restaurant I’m trying to get a job at, and today I actually called.
I got her voicemail, and after listening to a very long voicemail message, I left a message. In it, I said I was interested in working there. My brother had worked there, I filled in for him once, I’ve worked dishwashing before, and all that jazz that you’ve heard before.
About fifteen minutes later (while I was vacuuming, no less) I realized that I’d forgotten to give her my number (I’m used to calling people with cell phones who can just look at their received calls for the number). So I called back and left my number.
A few hours later, she called back. I can come by tomorrow afternoon to fill out an application. The restaurant doesn’t open for about two weeks, but she said they’d still be there. She said she’d love to have me work there.
This is good news, people.
I will be among the working folk once again, and I think I might actually enjoy knowing I’m not just sitting on my bum all day doing nothing. I’ll actually be earning money (possibly for some of the reasons I discussed in my previous entry). And, for the millionth time, I’ll say that my tax return check will most likely be coming in in a couple weeks, so I’ll be able to order my camera.
This is a good thing. xD
In other news, the weather today was amazing, thank god. Last week, our weather must have been forecasted by a manic depressive weather man, considering we had like, 40 degree and 70 degree weather in the same week. And the conditions ran the gammit between windy and thunderstorming, to lovely with a nice breeze.
I ran some errands this morning. I got a couple grocery items for dad, I stopped at the library (got Across the Universe for like, the sixth time, and I checked out the first two videos in a like, nine part series about the war in Vietnam.). I also stopped by the second hand store and got a few 45s (When You Close Your Eyes- Night Ranger, and a song by Rod Stewart I’ve never heard, to name a couple). I also got a mug that has the same heart symbol as a mug my parents have had since the 80s, and I got a nice blue stemware class.
That reminds me. I realized I have a few addictions. Record collecting. Mug collecting, and to me, stemware is like crack. I love stemware.
A lot of the trinkets I hoard are for photography. Doesn’t mean I won’t use them, but I like collecting things like that because they come in handy when taking pictures.
I will stop this ramble now, before it gets any longer. Au revoir!

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