I feel like dancing in the rain, can I have a volunteer? (Just keep right on dancing) What a damn jolly good idea… It’s such a jollification as a matter of fact, so ‘tres charmant’ my dear…

-“Seaside Rendezvous” by Queen.

Listen to the song here:

So anyway. I know I’m usually pessimistic and cynical, and while I am still cynical, I am a little less pessimistic today.

So, as you know if you read yesterday’s entry, today I was to go to PM Park and fill out an application. Well, the lady in charge is very informal with some things, (which I knew already, from my brother).. She gave me my first four days of work (starting on the 15th), and told me we’d worry about the application later.

And, the weather today was just gorgeous. Sunny and in the 70s, with a breeze. It was euphoric.

This is amazing. I felt so good on the drive home, I wish I had a button I could just push and I’d instantly feel like that. For at least half an hour, I had that “this is amazing, I could conquer the whole damn world” feeling. It left, of course, once I thought of how nervous I’ll be at this job, at first. Not the dishwashing. I’ve done it before, and I wash dishes so often I could practically do it in my sleep. It’s the ever present social weirdness I have that’ll be the most nerve wracking, but I’ll live. I have to if I want to be able to do anything. Anyway, I told this lady that the only time I’d really need off would be four or five days when I go visit Vanessa. I’ll bring her my community band schedule when I go in for work, as those will be the only other times I’ll need to be off.

After I got home from PM Park, it was so nice out that I wanted to open a few windows, and the front and back door (we have screen doors as well as regular ones, of course). So I went onto the front porch to open the door, and I found my pencil case with my colored pencils, and thin colored sharpies (I previously thought I’d lost these when I was still taking classes at NIACC).. Added to my already present happiness, I had to draw.

I didn’t draw anything new, but rather went over some outlines of two drawings I’d penciled before. It was awesome.

To add to this mish mash of subjects that make up most of my blog entries, I’m currently making my way through this like, 10 part video series the library has that’s about the Vietnam war. All I have to say so far (I finished the first two tapes, I checked out 3 and 4) is, wow. All I can tell right now is that we sorta overstepped our boundaries and got a bit power hungry. The U.S. seems to be good at that.

Well, the only other thing I’d write about is my camera related thoughts, but you’ve heard that before and I am guessing you’re tired of it.. So I will end this entry. TTYL. 😉


Okay, you know the good weather of which I just spoke? It was nice, but it ended a bit ago. Now we’re getting rain thunder, lighting, and, super strong wind.. We had a window open (when it wasn’t raining so hard), and the curtains were doing that thing where they stick to the screen, and then blow out type of thing.


6 thoughts on “I feel like dancing in the rain, can I have a volunteer? (Just keep right on dancing) What a damn jolly good idea… It’s such a jollification as a matter of fact, so ‘tres charmant’ my dear…

  1. Well Mel, I owe you a huge apology. Everything you said was right, everything I said was wrong. He moved out again Saturday, two days after he went out with his buddy “Shane” to the movies. As it turns out, “Shane” is “Shayna.” Yep. I’m a total douche. Today I was supposed to get money out of the bank for him since he got paid today and take it to him at his work. He knew I was on my way, but nonetheless, was still in his car making out with his new girlie when me & Graci got there. We were walking up to Wal-Mart where they both work and I was carrying Graci. I hadn’t even seen his car there, and she pointed out, “look mom, there’s dad.” Well that was completely pleasant. I sure hope to do that again sometime soon. Anyway. I’m sorry to dump all my crap on you today. I’m VERY sorry for whatever I may have said that hurt you. I wish you the best, I wish you peace, and I hope you find everything you are looking for.

  2. I’m sorry for what has happened here Ellen. I do hope he gets what is coming to him. I’m also hoping (I may be stepping over boundaries here) that you got yourself tested when you guys got back together. I REALLY hope you kicked his ass out or got out of there yourself-don’t allow him the chance to worm himself back in like before. For as many times as you stuck up for him, he should be ashamed of himself. Deeply.

    I hope everything works out for you.

  3. Thanks. No I didn’t think to get myself tested but it is on the schedule now! And this is for sure the end. He is not coming back (and I am not leaving–this has been my house for two decades!) I don’t really think or worry about revenge. Karma will take care of it.

  4. Yeah I hope so. zmy boyfriends sister found out her man used her to raise his children,was on dating websites, has been cheating on her the whole relationship,said he doesn’t love her, and at one point she was scared to tell her man she was pregnant- didn’t tell him for 6 or 7 months. (Had to because of blood clot) They were together for like 4 or 5 years and he was her first.

    Just know people are there for you and would gladly kick his ass.

  5. LOL. Thanks. But really, that’s alright. No ass-kicking. His life will take care of itself. No need for anyone to be tagged with an assault charge. Not worth it. Not even a little.

  6. aww but i could do it. I’m short but you know what they say….

    But I suppose you are right. I HOPE your right- I am SO sick of men like him, as I suppose you are as well.

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