You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire. Magic.. and you know, you’re the one who can put out the fire…

-“You can do magic”, by America.

Howdie there ladies and germs.

Okay, so I called the hoidy toidy doctor’s office to see about getting prescribed cheaper meds, and of course they found something cheaper… My question is, why didn’t they start out with the fucking cheaper shit to begin with? I got prescribed Claritin D and some generic version of Zantac.

Altogether, it cost thirty bucks.

Thirty goddam dollars.
If we hadn’t challenged what we were written at first, we’d have been out 300 dollars. Good lord.
Anyway. My dad gave me 50 bucks to get the prescriptions, and he told me to keep the rest, I could pay him back when I get paid. Which is fine with me. I’ll have almost 300 bucks on my first paycheck. Take out the what, 40 I need to get my camera back, and the 20 to pay dad back, and that’s still like, 240 bucks going straight into my savings account. I might keep out like, ten, just to have a little pocket money. I might see a movie here in town or something, since it’s super cheap. Whatever.

Just. I have to work Friday-Monday. I’m just glad I get four days off this week.

My stomach xray is on Thursday. I could probably work that day (after my xray and such) but when I called my boss today, she said Friday-Monday, since it’s Memorial Day weekend… Which.. if I can survive those four days in a row, I should be fine the rest of the summer. It will be hard on me granted; that’s only because I’m not in the habit of being on my feet that much. I’m sure once I get used to it, I won’t even think on it.

I went to the second hand store and got two amazing champagne glasses, an album by Jackson Browne, and a crapload of good 45’s, including:

Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe by the Beach Boys.
Mama Told Me (not to come) by Three Dog Night (that song freaking rocks).
White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane. I freaked out when I saw it. It’s pretty well used, though.
My Kinda Lover, by Billy Squier. Yay.
867-5309, by Tommy Tutone… I had to. xD
Jive Talkin’, by the Bee Gees.
And… Freaking Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. Never in the entire history of forever did I think I’d find any Beatles vinyl at a second hand store. Surely I figured people are either too obsessed or figure they could get money out of it. Well. The Eleanor Rigby side is a bit scratched up, but I don’t care. I had to buy it.

Okay. My maniacal vinyl rambling aside… Tomorrow, I don’t really have any plans. I’m trying to relax and rest up for my four days of work in a row… I might go to the antique stores around town to look for records and stemware.. Stemware is my new obsession. For some reason, I just LOVE stemware glasses. I’m mostly buying a bunch because of how they’d look in pictures, but also because I love drinking out of them [even if it’s just orange juice, it makes me feel elegant]…

I’ve got like 10 of the goddam things. Ranging from this heavy glass goblet to the thin champagne classes I found today… Dad told me today that I had to stop buying them [stemware glasses in general], which I won’t. I just won’t keep any more in the cupboard. I see it this way. It’s better than being addicted to alcohol, or drugs, and it’s better than me stuffing my face with candy bars, so fuck off.

I can’t wait to go to Vanessa’s. I’m packing all my stemware, I want to have a huge photo shoot with Vanessa. She’s a great subject to photograph. 
I have a few ideas for photos in general but I’m not telling, in case any of you assholes want to steal them. 😉

Anyway, I’m fairly certain that this entry is way long enough. I’m going to piss around on the intarwebz a little more and then go to bed.

If I have an interesting day or find something good at the antique stores tomorrow, I’ll be back.

Good night.


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