And I believe if we learn from the past we’d find keys to unlock every door… Dark would turn into light, we’d be strong, we’d be right…

-“Haven’t We Been Here Before”, by Styx.

Hello there, faithful blog readers.

In my last entry, as you know, I pretty much had a really shitty day at work, blah blah, whatever. I don’t need any more comments about it. ^^;

Well, on Friday, I picked up my check. I have 81 set aside to pay for the camera I bought on eBay, and 100 set aside to start up my savings. With some extra money I had, I bought two cds by Def Leppard.. Musically I’m beginning a little Def Leppard departure… partly because I have a BIG crush on their drummer, Rick Allen. I am fascinated by the fact that he’s a drummer, but he only has one arm.  Call me crazy (you probably do already), but the fact that he only has one arm makes him a whole lot hotter. I’m not sure why. He’s just.. adorable. Yay!

Okay. My fanatic fangirlish rambling aside.

Today at work went way better than last Monday… I worked with my brother, which is always better than working by myself. It got a little hectic today, but with two people working, I didn’t really notice it getting bad except at one or two points during the day.

I was way tired for most of the day because I worked lastnight as well, and didn’t get home until like, 11pm. Which isn’t that late for me to be up, but it was well after midnight before I got to sleep…

Anyhoo, I work Friday and Saturday night next week, and then Sunday morning.. My brother works Saturday during the day, and then Sunday morning, with me. Which should be fun. I’m not looking forward to working on Father’s Day though, that will be one hell of a busy day.

Lol that reminds me. I saw one of my old high school classmates at PM park today… Which was lovely, because he’s cute, and I had dishwater all down my front, and my hair was in a bad ponytail. He might have seen me, but I don’t think he knew who I was.

Tomorrow, I don’t really have any plans except to relax. I might go someplace in town, or I might call one of my friends that lives around here and see if they want to do anything. Who knows.

In other news: My half busted camera has taken some really damn good pictures lately.


[The links are safe. I’d post the pictures straight into the entry, but they’re huge…


This one’s not really good, but it’s my new haircolor: burgandy, with magenta bangs. This picture makes them look red, though. That’s Rick Allen in the picture I’m holding, by the way. ^^;
I got tired of taking pictures of myself making the peace sign.

Anyway, I suppose I should turn in for the night. It’s getting a bit late.

Until later.




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