I’m outta luck, outta love. Got a photograph, picture of.. Passion killer, you’re too much, you’re the only one I wanna touch.. I see your face every time I dream, you’re all I want, my fantasy…

-“Photograph”, by Def Leppard.

Well hello there folks.

Last entry, I was talking of having some money saved up. Well, I sent in payment for my ‘new’ Fuji Film FinePix A600, and I have word that it’s been shipped out, so I should get it in a few days. Tomorrow, I need to get a money order from the post office, because I ordered a Def Leppard tee shirt on eBay.

The $100 I spoke of last entry was spent on things that I needed.

I got some new underwear and a new bra, in case you wanted to know. 😉 I also got a new pair of jeans, a The Who tee shirt, and when I send in the payment, I’ll have gotten another tee shirt with a rock band on it. ;D

I mentioned it in the last entry, but I don’t care…

I have recently taken a dive into a Def Leppard obsession, thanks to my HUGE newly formed crush on their drummer, Rick Allen. I hate to sound like an obsessed fangirl, but the man is an inspiration, to put it lightly. Even before this little obsession began, I was still amazed at the fact that he’s a one armed drummer. I remember seeing this episode of “Classic Albums” on Vh1Classic, and it was about one of Def Leppard’s albums, and I remember Rick and the band talking about his accident a bit… I thought he was good looking then but I was too far gone in my Queen or The Who obsession to take a second glance.

[I got started on my little Def Leppard obsession by buying their cover album “Yeah!”, which I had wanted for ages, and my best friend Vanessa had always told me I needed to get.]

I’m waiting for that particular episode of Classic Albums to be on again so I can tape it, and add it to my collection of episodes. So far I’ve got the one on Queen’s “A Night at the Opera” and The Who’s “Who’s Next”. 😀 As well as having ‘Amazing Journey: The story of The Who’, the movie ‘Tommy’, and Led Zeppelin’s ‘The Song Remains the Same’ concert movie thing.

Anyway. Back to the reason I came here. I figured I haven’t written an entry in a while, and I have little over two and a half hours until I have to be at work.

Although it’s not the worst job I’ve had, I can’t say I am a huge fan of this job, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’m actually quite grateful that I even got this. I mean, I’ve been a dishwasher before, but if it weren’t for my mother and brother having worked there before, the boss might not have given me a second glance. So I at least owe her for that.

With the exception of my really tough day the other day, I’ve been doing damn good work to show that I am a capable worker.

I did get a little torked at my dad the other day, though. He brought up the fact that I do not work all that many hours, and that I should tell the boss I can work more. Thing is, before I even got the job, I told her I’d pretty much be able to work any time, as much as they needed me.

You know, I might just have to settle for the hours I’m given. I do not need to mention this, but I am not the only dishwasher. She can only give me so many hours, and still be fair to the others working. As it is, I usually work three or four days a week.

If they gave me more days, while it wouldn’t be ideal, I wouldn’t mind working the extra time at all, but what does she tell the other dishwashers? This girl needs more hours, so I’m going to cut yours.
Not to mention, the season has barely started. I’m sure once tourist season really gets into swing, I’ll have more hours to work.

For now, all I can really do is keep doing a good job , so I can get a positive reference when applying for other jobs. The restaurant closes some time in September or October, depending on weather, so after then I will be back to the job drawing board. On the bright side though, I’ll be able to add another job to my experience list.

Anyway. The money should be decent, because after this paycheck, other than gas and putting a little aside for my trip to Vanessa’s, I really don’t have anything else I need to get, so most of it will go in the bank.

I know it may seem like I spent my money unwisely, but I would have needed to get some of that stuff eventually anyway. I figured, better sooner than later, you know?

Now though, my motivation is possibly going back to school or moving out, and my trip to Vanessa’s. Truthfully, from this point on I think the potential fun I’ll have at Vanessa’s will quash most of my desires to frivolously spend my money until then.
And anyway, once Community Band starts up, I’ll have extra money coming in. Although I want to save up most of that as well, a little bit of it might go to treating myself once or twice, such as getting a new cd, or going to eBay and ordering some rock n roll pins for my purse, something small of that nature. Speaking of pins, the other day I picked up three new pins for my purse. One said “I will not obsess I will not obsess I will not obsess”. Which I can completely relate to. Another said “All grown up and still waiting to be a rock star”. The third says “Proud to be an American against the war” which I plan on actually wearing on my shirt the day of the July 4th community band concert.

Speaking of which, I really hope I get to sing a solo with the band again this year. The last few years I’ve done solos, I’ve been all right, but if I get a chance to this year, I want to really work hard on it so I won’t be so nervous.

Anyway, I’ve started to ramble so I suppose this is an appropriate place to end the entry. If work is particularly memorable for some reason, I could possibly be back here tonight after work.

Okay. Last minute plug. All of you need to go listen to a fanastic song by Def Leppard called “Love”. It’s very Queen-esque, especially at the guitar solo, in which the guitar playing echoes Brian May’s style. It’s weird, because the song is Queen-esque and very Def Leppard at the same time.

Anyway. Listen to it. NAO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_3XrnJIOic

Peace out girl scout.



2 thoughts on “I’m outta luck, outta love. Got a photograph, picture of.. Passion killer, you’re too much, you’re the only one I wanna touch.. I see your face every time I dream, you’re all I want, my fantasy…

  1. What’s up? I was just on line and had typed in that i need some luck for once. My wife is leaving me i lost my career do to my wife. And now i have nothing. Im ready to just take off and live on the streets somewhere that no one knows me. I am trying to find ppl to talk to so i can keep sane. But everyone is always busy. Then i have to work so i can make enough money to go from onw week to another. I don’t know but if a miracle don’t happen soon then i just want it all to end.

  2. I don’t really know what to say… although I would like to ask a couple questions. First off, do I know you from anywhere (not meant to sound like I’m an ass, I’m just curious), and two, if you don’t mind me asking, why is your wife leaving you?

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