Don’t stop believing…



I am in a better mood than I was when I wrote my last real entry. I just hope it’s apparent that some of those things were said out of anger and that I generally wouldn’t be rude. Well, I’d probably be rude, just not quite as rude. ^^; So sorry if I pissed anyone off! 

So anyway. Yesterday, I actually enjoyed work. It didn’t get very busy at all, except for maybe one point in the day. I worked with this dishwasher that must be new, as I’ve not seen him at work before. He was very nice and even apologized for leaving me when one of the cooks recruited him to help with food prep. Which, it was fine. We really didn’t have enough work for there to need to be two dishwashers.

Anyway, after work yesterday, I had a community band concert. My brother, who plays tuba, subbed for a player that was gone. The concert went off without a hitch really, except that the mosquitos were eating people alive, I swear.  xP

Today at work… Omg. My brother and I worked today, along with this big, oaf dishwasher. I’m not kidding. My brother would vouch for my comments, but [the oaf] is a complete ass, and he’s none too bright, or good at his job.

Anyway. THREE dishwashers. Two would have been just fine, but there was even another guy (the guy I washed dishes with on Saturday), but he was there to be in charge of keeping the buffet stocked… So for the first part of the day there was literally nothing to do. My brother ended up picking up trash outside…

Then it got busier, but still nothing my brother and I couldn’t have handled on our own.

Back to this oaf we work with. He’s very slow. He knows where everything is, and he still lumbers around like he’s moving in slow motion. Even when we are just too busy to be able to take that kind of time. And he’s bossy. Last time my brother and I worked with him, he was very arrogant and bossy, today was no different.

At one point, the boss lady told him to stay in the kitchen because he didn’t have a PM Park shirt on. I was a little confused because my brother and I go out to get bus tubs and put dishes away all the time, and we don’t even own PM park shirts. I think it might have been because he was standing around and chatting to people.

Whatever it was, after he came back in the kitchen, he was PISSED. When he’d put dishes on the rack to be run through the sanitizer, he’d fucking SLAM them down, and toss stuff around, all the while grumbling to himself. At one point in the day, he was talking to one of the cooks, and I thought he was talking to me, so I said, in an innocent, neutral tone “What?” and he bit my head off. “I wasn’t talking to YOU, don’t ‘What’ me.” And this was some time after he was told to stay in the kitchen, so you’d think his anger would have waned a little.

It doesn’t end there. During some VERY busy points in the day when we’d have like, three full bus tubs full of dishes waiting to be done, he ran off to refill his drink, went to use the bathroom, and went to take the garbage out when it was barely half full. The first time my brother and I worked with him (which was Father’s Day) he ate lunch and took two smoke breaks when my brother and I didn’t even have enough time to use the restroom, so I wasn’t really surprised that he, once again, tried to sneak away.

He was also bitching about hot water. Usually around noon, we run out of hot water a little. Not completely mind you, but it does get a little cooler. But seriously. I wanted to freak out. Here he was bitching about not having hot water when HE was the one putting a whole dish rack through the sanitizer when the rack wasn’t even half full.

At one point in the day he told my brother to “Go help her, I don’t need  any help.” yet at another point, he was pretty much telling my brother to help him wash dishes.

He’s just incredibly bossy, to the point of arrogance. I don’t give a shit if ‘you’ve been doing this for ten years’. My brother has worked at PM park longer than he has, and I have worked here longer than he has. 

 At one point, he was talking to one of the cooks and he went “tell her the dishwasher manager said to” or something to that effect. I was like.

What. the. fuck.

My brother has been working there longer than myself OR this oaf, so if anybody should be giving out orders among dishwashers, it’d be my brother. I don’t give a shit if this guy is older and has supposedly been ‘doing this for ten years’. For fuck’s sake. He made me want to shoot myself.

I could deal with all his arrogance if he could actually DO HIS JOB. When he switched to actually washing the dishes, out of every full rack I got, I’d find at least four or five that were still dirty. [Last time my brother and I worked with him and he was putting dishes away, if he found a dish that was dirty, he’d strut over to my brother and I and say in a self important tone “This needs to be washed again” or something to that effect.] So I find it a little funny that he thinks he’s such a good dishwasher, yet infinately more of HIS dishes were dirty, versus ones my brother or I wash.

However, whenever I found a dish of his that was dirty, instead of saying something to him (like I badly wanted to do) I just quietly put it back over with the dirty dishes. He was still pretty miffed at that point, and pardon me if I’m afraid of pissing off guys that look like they could kick my ass.

I really wanted to talk to the boss lady about this guy’s attitude, but I weighed the pros and cons, and eventually just decided to leave it be. He’s going to bring about his own downfall, I don’t need to help it along. I’ll just let it be for now. I’ll deal.

I don’t work again until Friday during the day. I’ll work Friday during the day, Saturday during the day, and Sunday during the day. I have band again so I can’t work evenings.

I noticed another sign of maturity when I was at work today. There is no good in being pissy at work because you don’t want to be there. You have to be there, you might as well be in a decent mood and try to enjoy it. I know a lot of that is stuff you all probably learned a long time ago, but I’m a little slow when it comes to things like that.

In other news.

My brother and I had another community band concert tonight which went all right. There were a couple of songs that the band kinda messed up, but overall it was a good concert.

In other  other news (lol), I’ve been taking lots of pictures. I’ve felt inspired in that department, and others, lately. It’s a great feeling to be inspired. I’m lucky that I have my music and favorite bands, because they inspire me so much, I’m not sure where I’d get my inspiration without them. I know you’ve heard it multiple times, and I feel a little silly for saying it, but Def Leppard’s drummer Rick Allen has just been a huge inspiration lately. It’s really not something I can really put into words that would adequately describe the situation.  If I ever got to meet him, even if it was just for like, two minutes, I’d want to tell him what an inspiration he’s been. But I’m stop myself there, lest I launch into another one of my fangirlish, obsessive escapades.

Not that that’s what this is, at all. I do get a bit obsessive sometimes, but as with some of my other favorite bands, they become priceless to me, and I wonder what I ever did before I discovered their music.

I’ll end this entry for now. TTYL.



One thought on “Don’t stop believing…

  1. I dunno, you’ll always get co workers like that-it REALLY sucks when they are in really higher up positions and are idiots to boot-imagine who I felt at dairy Queen with the woman who was my manager, stating ” I can’t have caffeine, I’m pregnant” yet would smoke weed in the back shed and drink a beer a day.

    Can’t wait to see you, and I’d love to have a cool picture taken of me. one with weird makeup, really artsy!

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