Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke…

-‘Rock of Ages’, by Def Leppard.

OMG. This 75% humidity can kiss my ass. It’s too goddam hot outside. If it felt like 80, which is what the temperature is suppsed to be, it wouldn’t be so bad. That’s one thing I liked about going to California.. It might have been like 85+ degrees the whole two weeks we were there but at least there wasn’t so much humidity. Goddammit.


On Wednesday, my family and I were day trippers. xD We went to St. Paul. Our primary reason for going was to drop off a crapload of books to the Books for Africa place (they donate books to poorer schools across Africa). But, my mom didn’t want to go all the way to St. Paul just for that, so we planned a little day trip. After we dropped off the books, we went to Como Park and Zoo. The zoo is a smaller one and is free to get in (they ask a $2.00 donation but don’t require it). It was an okay place, but I swear practically every school in Minnesota decided to take a field trip there on the same day. It was way crowded.

Then, we had a picnic lunch, and went to the science museam in St. Paul… They had a Star Wars exhibit. Call me a nerd but I totally took pictures of Han Solo and Chewie’s outfits… And Obi Wan (from Episode III). All I could think was, ‘OMG, Ewan McGregor was in these clothes at one time omgomgomg’. And Darth Vader. I mean come on.

That outfit is really fucking tall, I’d have to stand on a table to barely be able to look him in the eye lol.

They had some other cool stuff.

Anyway. Next on my list (yes, I did make a list). Work today was slow as hell, but for the most part was way fun. Probably because I got to work with the cool cook. She’s an older lady, probably in her like 40s or something (not saying that’s that old because it’s not!). She’s just older than me. Anyway. She listens to the classic rock station, which means I get to actually hear songs I know and not just the tripe they play on the regular rock stations around here. In the morning, when the cook went to turn on one of the waffle makers, she discovered that there was a waffle in there from god knows when. Let me put it this way. It was supposed to be a regular waffle but it looked like a charred chocolate waffle. It was that bad.

And. It was so slow that I got to cut the fat off five of these huge, long hunks of raw pork tenderloin. I mean I already want to try being vegetarian, if work keeps that crap up I might just become one xD.

Anyhoo. Back to my radio talk. The radio played two songs by Queen (Keep Yourself Alive, and Another One Bites the Dust), one song by The Who (I can’t explain), two songs by ACDC (I can’t remember the second one but the first was Girl’s Got Rythym), and a song by Led Zeppelin (When the Levee Breaks, which totally reminds me of Def Leppard’s drummer Rick Allen. 😀 ). After I left the radio played ‘Rock of Ages’ by Def Leppard (in the car). I mean goddam. I wish they’d play at least a song each by four of my all time favorite bands (Queen, The Who, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin) EVERY day.

Anyway. I left at three, but I found out I could have been gone by two (One of the cooks didn’t tell me that the boss had said I could leave). But I was like, oh well. You want to pay me an extra $7.25, go riiiight ahead. 😉 

So, as you know I got paid on Thursday. Like 254 bucks. Well. To make a long story short, my SAVINGS ACCOUNT has 160 bucks in it. I kept out the rest because I needed to put gas in my car, and pretty soon my prescriptions will need to be refilled. I put 40 (technically 40.01, dammit) bucks worth of gas in my car, set aside forty for when I get my prescriptions refilled, and the rest I used to get a can of Doubleshot Espresso for myself, and a bottle of strawberry daquiri flavored juice for my brother. And, I bought a bottle of pop to take to band practice.

I had municipal (I call it community) band practice at 7, which was okay. It didn’t go too awfully long or anything. We got out right at 9, which is when we’re supposed to get out anyway. The sky was amazing, so I wanted to run to state park to take pictures. I stopped at home to grab my guitar, and then I went over. Except, by the time I got there, it was too dark. My camera hates the dark.

So, I decided to just play around on my guitar a bit.

*game show buzzer noise*

Noooope. In addition to not being able to remember the chords to ‘Fields of Gold’ by Sting, I was getting bitten by a mosquito every like three seconds, I swear. I could barely play a chord ONE time without being bitten. I was kinda pissed but I was like, fuck it, I’m leaving before I get west nile virus or malaria something. xD

Okay. I work tomorrow during the day, and my brother works the evening. We both work on Sunday during the day but I have to leave early because I have a band concert at 3.

In other news, only 48 days until I see Styx at the Surf Ballroom. I am stoked. 😀

In case you needed me to tell you, I’m still very much in Def Leppard mode.

And, I made a decision today.

I’m going to eat ONLY when I’m actually hungry. ONLY when I actually feel hungry. Not because I ‘feel like I should eat something’ even if I’m not hungry. I am only going to eat when I am physically hungry. Since it’s way too fucking hot for me to feel like exercising much, I figure the least I can do is stop eating when I’m not goddam hungry.

Okay. I’m done. It’s like 10:45pm and I have to work tomorrow morning. I kinda enjoy going to bed a little earlier (on nights where I have to work the next day) because I’m a tiny bit less bitchy in the morning when I get up. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke…

  1. Hooray for not being bitchy!

    the not eating as much part is the hardest part for me…I haven’t lost a pound. i worked an 11 hour shift the other day, partied, went to work the next day and then spent 2 and a half hours or so rock hunting in a freaking really long river with Blake and John-the river in the park we went to. I was so pooped out!

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