Just a fool waiting on the wrong block…

-“Fool in the Rain”, by Led Zeppelin.

Let’s see. Where were we? Ah, yes.

When we last left me (four days ago, lol) I was babbling about the shopping trip I’d been on, etc. I am proud to say that my car now has a full tank of gas, and I now have a grand total of 320 bucks in my savings account. Which is good news. I have enough for the second part to Amanda and Ryan’s wedding gift and a couple extra dollars which might just get stuffed in the glove compartment of my car for those times when I’m trying to scrape together each and every last cent that I can find. xD Change under the seats, that sort of thing.

Okay. So, I’ve mentioned this before, but a while ago my parents bought two package tickets to the ‘Summer of Rock’ thing going on at the Surf Ballroom. A series of three concerts. My parents went to the first (Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult), and my dad and I went to the second one lastnight (Georgia Satellites and Marshall Tucker Band). Now, on Saturdays, my dad is a DJ on a local radio station. They’re normally a mix station (that leans way too close to country) but on weekends they play music from the 60s and 70s. Anyway. Turns out dad knows one of the guys that work on my favorite station, a local classic rock station.

Long story short: I got to meet three of the djs that work at my favorite radio station, James Shaman, Mark Skaar, and Bruce Wasenius. I was like. OMG.

Reason 1 why I was starstruck: Other than rarely switching my car radio over to the soft rock station, 103.7 The Fox is pretty much the only station I listen to, ever. Reason number 2: I had literally listened to James Shaman on the radio at work earlier the very same day. Pretty sure Bruce was on the radio then too because they had James on location at the North Iowa Fair, I believe.  Another reason, okay. If you heard Mark dj, the way his voice sounds, you’d think he was a stuffy old, hoity toity radio guy, because he has that quintessential radio guy voice.  But… He’s not a stuffy old man. He’s like a hippie.  Long hair pulled back into a ponytail. He’s younger than his age suggests, I think (yes, that makes sense). And let me just say that for a guy in his 40s, he wasn’t all that bad looking.. ^^; But they asked if we were going to see Styx, and I said yeah, and all three of them said things like “Oh, they put on a great show, you’ll really enjoy them” and such.

It was just really awesome to meet these guys I listen to on the radio all the time.

As for the concerts, despite not knowing many songs, I enjoyed it for the most part. We left partway through the Marshall Tucker Band’s set because it was almost midnight, and I had to work this morning at 8.

Work today was decent. I had a little bit of a breakfast rush, but not because the place was packed, but because the few people that did come in were in larger groups. After that it was a decent workload. Not so much that I was overwhelmed, but not so slow that I was sitting around for half the day. 

I got home at around 3pm. My brother and I went to the park because there was an arts fair there. As usual everything was too expensive but we had fun looking, anyway. And we got sno-cones. Our first real sno-cones of summer and [dare I say it] the end of summer is in sight. I mean we still have the entire month of August pretty much, but it’s still a startling idea. I swear summer just started two weeks ago.

Where the bloody Hell did summer go?

I love summer. As far as summers go, in terms of extreme temperatures, this summer has been decent.  It took a lot longer than usual for the temperatures to start getting really hot (i.e. you’re sitting around doing nothing and still sweating like a marathon runner), but those days of extreme heat have been fewer and farther between than past summers that I remember…

When it hits August, I’m in a weird, nostalgic sort of mood. Part of that is because of the Pope family reunion early in the month. Sitting at the reunion, before lunch, it’s like a crapload of my memories are sporadically seeping out the cracks in the box of my mind. Strange, I know. The whole month is kind of like that, though… The beginning of fall is especially nostalgic for me for some reason, though I’m not sure exactly why. You know, sometimes it’s still warm enough to be able to comfortably go outside in a tee shirt and jeans, and sometimes you need to put on a light jacket or hoodie. If the weather could always be as it is in early September, I would be happy.

Wrapping things up. Beginning in 3…2…1

Okay. I’m not really a fan of the idea of working tomorrow, but as usual I’ll end up doing it anyway. Besides. Even if I wanted to switch, my brother works tomorrow so I’d have nobody to switch with. Besides, as I’ve said a bajillion times before, I need the money. My back just hurts right now. I mean, I worked Friday, stood for three hours straight at the concert lastnight, I worked all day today… It’s feeling a little strained today, but once I have a day to rest it’ll probably be okay. Like most of the pain will most likely go away while I’m sleeping, and it won’t be back until 1-2pm, the tail end of work.

The only downsides to working tomorrow are 1, they have the breakfast buffet, which we won’t be allowed to take down until after lunch (1pm at the earliest). And then from there it’s all an easy downhill bike ride because once we get caught up with dishes, and get all the buffet pans clean we can leave. It shouldn’t be too bad. I hope it won’t be, anyway. Because I only have a day to rest, because the family is going to the Minnesota Zoo on Tuesday I believe (dad’s radio connections got us free tickets). Not that that will be real taxing or anything, we’ll just be walking around all day. ^^; 

Well, I’m off to myspace or facebook to do a couple surveys, or to DeviantArt to submit a few pics.

Later. ^_~


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