Well, Im hot blooded, check it and see, I got a fever of a hundred and three

-“Hot Blooded”, by Foreigner.

I may not have a fever of a hundred and three, but that’s what the temperature outside feels like. Fuck’s sake.

So, today was the day of the Pope Family Reunion, which screwed up my work schedule. For the past like month now [practically] I’ve worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the day. This is the first Sunday all summer that I haven’t been working.

Which is why it didn’t quite register when dad was talking about having to work tomorrow… For a second I went “WTF” because it really doesn’t feel like Sunday. Yesterday seemed like Sunday so I knew today was going to feel like Monday.  It’s weird.

Last entry I mentioned the Styx concert on the 29th and maybe getting backstage but it probably won’t happen. My dad talked to Mark Skaar (dj at my favorite radio station) and he said that Styx were huge germophobes and didn’t even want to meet the people who paid extra on their tickets so they could hang backstage after the show.  So, like I said before, I wasn’t waging all my hopes on the bet but it still torked me off a little. But really. I can’t be all that mad because I’m still seeing Styx in concert. I’m still going to SEE them and get pictures of them. Just.. Not one of them AND me. xD

At the last concert I went to at the Surf, my dad and I kinda stood on the sidelines and watched from there, but for Styx I’m going to be as close to the goddam stage as I can get. I’m also planning to re-dye my hair a day or two before the concert so my bangs will be bright and pink for the concert. I figure, it doesn’t matter how many people are there, bright pink hair is kind of hard for people to miss.  [Seriously. When my bangs were still bright pink, I swear every kid I saw would stop in their tracks and stare. And most adults took a look but were polite enough not to stand there with their mouths open lol]

I’m just hoping Wal-Mart still has the magenta hair dye. If not I’ll have to try Sally’s Beauty Supply or something. But seriously, if Wal-Mart doesn’t have it I’m going to be pissed. lol

Anyway. Back to the family reunion. I woke up really early. At like, six am. Which was good because we ended up leaving by 7:30. I burned a cd, as I do a lot of times when we’re going to go on a car trip. It was a weird mix of songs. It had two songs by Bad Company on it, two songs by the Beatles, Def Leppard’s cover of Queen’s ‘Dear Friends’, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, Mrs Brown You’ve got a Lovely Daughter.. Iko Iko… Dreams by Van Halen.. yeah. Strange mix. Anyway.

The drive there took literally no time at all even though Bussey, IA is a four hour drive from here. It was weird. I think we only stopped once on the way there.

When we got there, there weren’t very many people there at all. We waited a little longer than normal to eat lunch. A few more people came. I got some adorable pictures of a little baby [I think he’s the son of one of my cousins.. Not sure how I’m related to his father though so I have no idea].

The little cutie wanted to eat my jewelry. He kept grabbing at this bright red heart necklace I was wearing. xD I kept stealing him from other people because he was so damn cute. His family went home early though because it was very hot out, plus they were probably concerned about sunburns even though we were underneath a picnic shelter (or whatever the fuck you call them lol).

Plus plus [lmao] he was getting kinda pissy lol. We did get a few cute smiles out of him though.

Anyhoo. We didn’t stay as long as we normally do. Probably because my annoying cousins (I think they’re my cousins) had arrived. Their parents.. Yeah. I won’t get into it. They’re bible thumping morons, but not as bad as one of my uncles [A preacher with like, 6-8 kids. I lost count]. They sponge off my grandpa. They have lived in his house for years but have never paid rent. Grandpa always has to babysit them band he doesn’t get paid for that either. They eat his food. Ugh. 

Once we were over at the house for Thanksgiving and mom mentioned the newest Harry Potter book and the youngest kid immediately went “OH, HARRY POTTER, HE’S BAD, HE’S BAD”. One of them was playing a military related video game with the object of shooting people. I fail to see how a fictional character who uses magic is worse than a video game with guns in it. Their justification was ‘god put guns on the earth so it’s okay’ and some bs about the devil and witchcraft… That should give you a clue as to the kind of religious lies that they’ve been feeding their children. That side of my family is bent on making sure that southern Iowa gets its share of ignorance.

Now first off, the kid playing the game wasn’t that young, but still young enough to where I wouldn’t allow him to play a shooting game like that if he were my kid. Seriously, people. Do some research.

Speaking of parents not reading up on their shit, the other day, my parents and I went to the theatre to see The Dark Knight, and parents were bringing their little like, five year olds in. It’s like. THE MOVIE IS PG-13 FOR A GODDAM REASON. Personally at some points I think the PG-13 rating wasn’t quite high enough.

Don’t you think, as a parent, you’d do some research instead of being stupid and going “Oh, it’s a Batman movie, I can take little Johnnie to see it”. So you wonder why you have to escort your children out when the movie gets violent (happened during the movie).

I mean. He slams a guy’s head on a pencil for fuck’s sake. It’s certainly too violent for me to feel comfortable taking a kid under the age of ten, that’s for sure. And even at ten I’d be a little concerned…

Besides. The plot of that movie is by no means something a young child could wrap their little minds around. This little kid in front of us was constantly asking his dad what was going on and the dad had to keep going “Shut up and watch!”.

It was a kick ass movie though. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and spew all this crap about it being the best movie of all time, and it being the best grossing movie of all time.. If tickets still cost what they did like ten years ago, the sales figures wouldn’t be quite so astronomically huge… But it was still a damn good movie and I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I’m going to be very, very pissed if the academy award isn’t for Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker.

And not just because he died recently, either.

That was sad. I was upstairs in my room when all of a sudden mom ran to the bottom of the stairs and went “OMG, HEATH LEDGER DIED” and I was like WHAT THE FUCK?! I mean. I wasn’t a huuuge fan of him or anything, but it was so unexpected. I mean. He hadn’t been in the news that much recently so it was like, nothing, and then BAM! Dead.  Jesus, he was only like 27. He wasn’t that old at all. [It’s things like this that have me convinced there is no God. If ‘He’ was so powerful,  he could prevent shit like that].

Seriously, people need to get smart about prescription drugs and knowing what you can’t mix. Don’t you think you’d want to check that out before you start popping random pills? I mean. When people die like that, it’s sad, but it’s like, Dude, you should have known what you were doing wasn’t going to end well.

But then again, not everyone in the world is as paranoid about dying as I am… ^^; And it’s easy to say that in a [somewhat] rational state of mind, but when things like that happen to people, they usually aren’t thinking clearly…

Wow. Okay. Have you noticed how ADHD these blogs are? I start out talking about one thing and by the time I get to the end, I’m talking about something completely different, and I’ve covered like, a bazillion topics. xD

It’s almost over, I swear.

Anyway. I don’t know what my plans for tomorrow are. I’ll probably go to Wal-Mart to pick up the digital prints I ordered. Although. Sometime this week I need to borrow some money from mom because I don’t get paid until Friday, and K-Mart is having a super good sale on colored Sharpies. Five bucks a pack. And for the multipacks, too. Even my mom said that was a damn good price. xD

Good lord. Now I’m talking about colored sharpies. I really don’t have a life do I? xD

Anyway. Until later. See ya. ;D

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