What does it matter to you when you’ve got a job to you got to do it well You gotta give the other fella hell….

-“Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney.

Hello one and all blog readers. Probably closer to one. If any at all!

Anyhoo. Let’s begin where we left off, shall we?
After the wedding, after party, and the work day that I was late to, not a lot happened, aside from my playing MapleStory and getting increasingly annoyed with the fact that the goddam wild boars don’t drop the weighted earrings nearly as much as other game players have said… But that’s another topic for another ramble.

Friday at work was more than manageable. My car was in the shop so my dad had to drop me off…
Thankfully it wasn’t super busy like last Friday… There were more than a few points where I was left with nothing to do. So the cook I don’t like decided to be an ass and gave me an empty trash bin that people either 1, do not use a liner for, or two, just miss the fucking liner and get it straight in the bin. But it was disgusting. I couldn’t really refuse though, because there was literally nothing else to do. I ended up getting off work earlier than I’d told my dad so I had to call him to pick me up (as my car wouldn’t be out of the shop for a couple hours).
Well, those couple hours passed, and I was surprised to find the old, crappy radio with the defunct tape player had been replaced with a cd player. The mechanic guy is a funny old guy that drinks too much beer, and he told me I could have the cd that was in there.

I didn’t keep the cd. In fact, after I took it out I tried to break it in half, as it was a rap cd. I tried melting it with a ligher earlier but I think I’ll just sparkler it to death later tonight with some left over sparklers from my trip to Vanessa’s. After I picked up my car, I browsed the records at the second hand store, and a few antique stores in town, but nobody had anything good. My favorite antique store did have a Beatles ’45 of Revolution/Hey Jude, but it was beat to death. I was really pissed, because that would have been a kick ass single, but my money is pretty tight right now and I couldn’t justify paying five dollars for a record I wouldn’t even be able to play. I keep wanting to get the Rubber Soul album but they want forty goddam dollars for it, and I would only pay that if it were autographed.

Anyway. Saturday. I usually work during the day but I switched shifts with my brother… I went shopping with mom and ended up only buying a cheap 5 dollar peace sign necklace at Claires. On one hand, it’s annoying that all these little trend following tweenagers are buying up anything that could be even remotely related to hippies, but on the other, it’s nice for people like myself that want more retro,  hippie-ish style jewelry. On that note, I’ve been getting more into recycling and stuff, going so far as to save glass bottles and cardboard from the kitchen trash cans to take home and put out with our recycling.

ANYWAY. Back to work. Work that night was decent. I knew it wouldn’t be busy because nights generally aren’t.

Towards the beginning, I was putting a plate away in a cupboard that is near the walk in fridge. I didn’t know the nice cook (I think his name is Justin) was in there.. He swung the door open and the huge metal handle bludgeoned my wrist.. He apologized and everything but my hand still feels a bit weird… xD
Anyway. There was a radio show on my (haha, I call it mine anyway) classic rock station, 103.7 called Uncle Scotty’s Hot Tub. I am generally not listening that late at night, but it was amusing. People call in to request rock songs, but somebody actually requested Clay Aiken… haha. It’s like calling in to a heavy metal show and requesting the Carpenters. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. I’m glad that wasn’t something they had in their library, personally…

Anyway, sometimes rock stars call the DJ and talk for a bit, and I nearly hyperventilated when he announced that Def Leppard’s own Vivian Campbell was going to be on the phone… The dj made me laugh when he was talking to Viv.. Viv has a sort of Irish accent (which is incredibly sexy by the way) and the dj teased Viv a bit by saying ‘What language do you speak there? I think it’s English?” and Viv laughed. On that note, the other day I was watching Vh1Classic and I saw the vid for “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio… Viv used to play with Dio and he was in that video… and he was really hot. xD Anyway.
Back to work (again) lol. One of the nice cooks was working and told me how much better the music was on my side of the kitchen… Lol I almost told him he should have been a dishwasher so he could hang out with me and listen to the good station lol. I got off work at about 10:30 or so, I believe. I didn’t stay up long because I had to be at work at 8am this morning.

Work today began okay. We really didn’t start getting busy until after 10:30, and even then, we were only super busy until about noon or 1pm. Although, my brother and I did get really annoyed at the cooks. They brought over two empty trash bins that had an inch or two of food in the bottom of them.. The food seriously looked like it had been painted some sick shade of black/brown/etc, and it stank to high heaven… At first I refused to clean them out.. My brother and I discussed how the cooks can clean shit too, that THEIR garbages that WE never use can get that nasty and then they can just tell us to clean up their fucking mess… I can tell you one thing. If the incompetant cooks let their garbages get that bad again, they are going to be the ones paying for it.

On the plus side, having my radio on the classic rock station at work keeps my mood a good five notches above what it would be if I had to listen to the modern rock/rap/tweenager pop BS the cooks have on their radio.

On Sundays, my classic rock station plays a few of these “Flashback” things, where they have a short radio show with a bunch of songs that relate to a particular theme. One of the themes happened to be “colors” to which they played some amazing songs like ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane, “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, “White Room” by Cream… I thought they should have also played “Blue Collar Man” by Styx and “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones.. xD

Not long after my brother and I got off work, got home, and got cleaned up, the family went out to eat, as it’s our tradition to go out to eat the day before school starts. School for my mother (who is a part time teacher/high school librarian) and my brother (who will be a junior this year) starts tomorrow, and both wish they could put it off… xD It kind of makes me miss going to school, but I am going be nice and moved out before I set foot in NIACC again. Depending on how much money I make and monthly expenses once I move out, I might try to go out for choir for the Spring 2009 Semester so I can be involved with Quodlibet again, but I don’t know if it’ll happen. Once I go back to school I need to concentrate on finishing my degree in Graphic Arts… I may take choir.. I want to take piano lessons again but if I choose any music lessons at all, I would take guitar lessons. I took guitar lessons a couple summers when I was in high school but didn’t learn much. I can still barely play some chords, and I can’t note pick worth a shit (I can’t even play the beginning riff of Stairway to Heaven, if that tells you how remedial I am).. I’m not saying I’m good enough at piano to not need lessons, but I know enough so that I can pretty much teach myself a piece if I really want to learn it… Guitar, not so much. I can only accomplish so much on my own, googling tabs and chords on the internet.

That’s about all I have to say, lest this entry become more of a ramble than it already is.






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