This is for all the lonely people thinking that life has passed them by… Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup, and ride that highway in the sky…

This is for all the single people
Thinking that love has left them dry
Dont give up until you drink from the silver cup
You never know until you try…
-“Lonely People” by America.

Well, hello. I’m back, for lack of anything better to do and because the closing ceremony for the Olympics hasn’t quite started yet (it hadn’t when I began the entry, anyway).

Between when I worked last and Friday, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Except..

Okay. For almost the last two months, my work schedule has been the same each week. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all during the day for me, Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday during the day for my brother.

This week the boss went mental or something (but one can’t go  mental if they’ve already arrived). I came in on Friday morning, only to be told she didn’t have me on the schedule until that night. Which… You’d think if she was suddenly going to change the schedule I’ve worked for two months, she might have thought of telling me… But on the other side of the coin, I suppose it should ultimately be left up to me to find out when I work.. Althoughnow that I think about it, Zahra, the server who apparently did the schedule (almost the only one at the restaurant with any sense of organization), went back to college and now some random server is just making the schedule.

My brother is a junior in high school this year. He had told the boss that, once school started, he was only going to work Sundays, but he was on the schedule Saturday night. He was out playing tennis with friends. We got a call from one of the servers at the restaurant that David was supposed to come in, where was he. Well of course he didn’t go, because he made plans, ‘knowing’ that he wouldn’t be put down for anything that wasn’t on Sunday.  It torks me off a little.

Some random server doing the schedule? I was fine with Zahra doing it because she didn’t fuck it up [she’s smart like that], but honestly, shouldn’t the BOSS be the one in charge of that? Or if the boss delegates that duty upon someone else, shouldn’t she ultimately be the one who finalizes it? But that would be the smart thing to do, which is probably why it hasn’t been done.

Anyway. Friday night…When I first plugged in my radio, ‘Photograph’ by Def Leppard was on. I also heard ‘Dreams’ by Van Halen, which I had literally listened to on youtube like ten times earlier that day… The rest of the night was uneventful except the radio show that began at like 7pm or something only played one good song all night (I believe it was ‘Shot in the Dark’ by Ozzy Osbourne). I was disappointed, because the radio started out so great.

Saturday morning, I was in a bad mood. I hadn’t gotten that much sleep (a road near ours is closed, it’s being turned into a one way, which means we’re having more traffic and noise on our street), so that was lovely.

As per the workload, with the exception of a quick breakfast rush, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Until the last hour of work. I had a weird mood swing where I was suddenly depressed for some reason…

Anyway. Today, work was very slow for a Sunday. Usually we’ll get a rush or two, but today, the work was pretty much evenly spread out. My brother (who also worked today) and I had a lot of time to just sit and chill out, which is unheard of for a Sunday.

Fridays, half the time at work is doing nothing. Saturday, there is more work, but still lots of time for chilling out. On a usual Sunday, we’ll barely have time to slip off to use the restroom, or to refill our sodas, we’re so busy.

I didn’t miss the extra rushes, though. Don’t get me wrong. 😉

Today, the cooks were amusing. Justin was there on buffet duty, but he was dressed in chef garb, down to the coat and chef hat. I was wishing I’d had my camera with me (seeing as I thought I’d left it at home) but it turns out it was in my purse the whole time, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to speak of. Dammit.

So, I got paid on Friday. I got $210. I have paid my parents back (total of 45 bucks), put $25 worth of gas into my gas tank, bought the burgandy and magenta hair dye, and finally bought a tee shirt at Fashion Bug that I’ve looked at literally every single time I’ve been there this summer.  I figured, it’s now or never.

Basically, I have 100 left. Half of it is going into the bank.  The other half is being saved for 1, a tee shirt at the Styx concert, and 2, possibly getting a souvenir at the Renaissance fair (which my dad got free tickets to). I’m not sure if they have tee shirts at the concert. I didn’t notice any at the last concert I was at there, but then again, I didn’t exactly go looking for them…

My next paycheck is going completely to gas, my savings account, and refilling my prescriptions. That. Is. It. On that note, I’ve been guaranteed a few dates at work. The list is in my purse, but it’s good to know that I’ll be guaranteed like, ten days of work in the next month. Which isn’t a lot, but it is a whole lot better than nothing.

The last weekend the restaurant is open is Labor Day, but I’ll still be needed for special events (weddings, etc).  After that, I am going to remind the boss that she said she might be able to get me a couple nights a week at her other restaurant (and quite frankly, I’ve been dependable and done damn good work, so I can’t see why she would have a problem with it).

If you’re wondering why I chose the lyrics I did for today’s entry, I have been a bit lonely lately. My best friend lives an hour and a half/two hours away. I don’t talk to anybody, outside of my internet friends and people at work.. I basically work and come home, that’s it… I did talk on the phone with my best friend a few days this week. Yesterday, we were both on the computer at the same time, and I hung on the phone even after we pretty much ran out of things to say. Knowing we’re both on the same website is really the only way we can hang out without me actually driving to her house, save for being on the phone.

I really miss when she lived here and I got to see her a lot more. According to her, besides a few people from work, the only people she has to talk to are her boyfriend’s friends. I said, if it made her feel any better, I didn’t even have a boyfriend whose friends I could hang out with.

That’s another thing. I have said before I know I don’t need anybody to validate my existance. And that’s still true, but it doesn’t take away the fact that I get a little huffy when people around me are always talking about their respective boy/girlfriends. A lot of my thought processes have changed, but one thing still remains; I get crushes on the wrong people. I won’t mention any names because it’s one of those crushes that I know I’ll never act on and (aside from mentioning it here in passing) will never let anyone else in on (unless of course he notices when I check him out lol ). Besides. There’s an issue with age and of him already being taken. And I can see why he is. xD


The Styx concert is this Friday. IT’S IN LIKE FIVE GODDAM DAYS… EEEEEEE. ^_____________^

As I’ve mentioned before, I plan on redying my hair burgandy and magenta a few days before the concert so it’s still very fresh and vibrant. I am going to do the redying on Wednesday, but I have to be careful how I plan and go about it.
My mother has already said she doesn’t want me to dye my hair again in this house, but I’ve already done it once under her nose (a couple weeks ago I touched up my blonde bangs to tide me over until I redid the burgandy/magenta stuff).  She told me I’d have to do it outside, which there is only one problem with that. No mirror.

So. Either I find a mirror that I can take outside, or, I just be careful about how I do it inside. I have a couple bath towels that I have made hair dye towels that I can line the floor with. I have one hair dye hand towel.  I can wear my bath robe so none of my shirts get stained. There won’t be a problem (except having like, half an hour to wait).
All I’d really have to deal with is mom shouting at me when she saw that I’d redone my hair.

I’m going to go now. Not that anybody reads them. Way back when I first started this, I was always eloquent with how I said things, now my writing is worse than a 5th grader’s reading homework.

Anyway. Unless something particularly exciting happens between now and Friday, I’m guessing the next entry you will get will be one on Saturday, about the concert.


2 thoughts on “This is for all the lonely people thinking that life has passed them by… Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup, and ride that highway in the sky…

  1. Yeah, all I do is work and go home too. I guess I talk about John alot because..well, we live together, hes kinda almost always there,,,,

    Blah. I’m bored. Today was okay at work I made 45 dollars, but there is this dress I want at that store we went to. For 15$…plus 20% off. But I’m trying to save up money 😛

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