Nothing ventured nothing gained, no more lingering doubt remained. Nothing sacred or profane, everything to gain, ’cause there’s nothing left…

-Nothing Left to Lose, by the Alan Parsons Project.

Sorry I’m using that song again. ^^;


Last entry left me talking about Christmas presents, phone minutes, and this cook at work who I’ve got a mad crush on. 

Today started out rather boring, actually. Most of my day that wasn’t spent doing the around the house things I was asked to do, I was watching the travel channel, because they had a bunch of these “Haunted Hotels” and “Most Haunted Places” type shows on. What can I say, I’m in a halloween mood. That was pretty much all I did. Amazingly, I didn’t even get on the computer until after 3pm, which I’m proud of myself for.

Anyhoo. Work.

Today, while the work part was completely boring and not busy at all, I actually talked to this cook that I’ve got a mad crush on who I will still not name. He asked if I liked Led Zeppelin, to which I replied of course (At that I thought about digging out my Led Zeppelin tee shirt to wear to work tomorrow). Then he asked if I liked the Doors, and while I haven’t heard much by them, I do like what I’ve heard (Coincidentally, he asked about two bands who I have tee shirts of). The classic rock radio station played a song by who I’m assuming was INXS, because he went “Did you know this guy died jacking off?” and I did. And while it is sad when someone dies, we were going “How’d you like to be the police man who had to tell his family that?” It was one of those things I’m going to go to Hell for laughing at, but oh well. He also asked if I went to any concerts, and it just so happened that I wore the Styx shirt I got at the concert, and he said something about how, screaming was what you were supposed to do at a rock concert.
There were also a couple other little exchanges like that, but oh my god. I have faith left in the world now. xD And the only thing different about me today was that I wore brownish eyeshadow, and my gold sparkle clear liquid eyeshadow stuff. Well, and I had my hair braided in a side ponytail. But seriously you guys. That made my freaking day.

Sometimes he stays after he’s clocked out to have a drink, and he was at the bar having a drink of course,  and when he turned around and I smiled at him I felt like all my feelings were written on my face in neon permanent marker and like I had a big blinking neon sign above my head. I hope I didn’t look too pathetic. xD

That was really all that happened, but I wanted to write a blog about it. xD

In other news.  We found out a couple days ago, but I forgot to mention it till now. Dad is getting laid off from his job. He’s one of Winnebago’s best welders, and has done a shit ton more work than is required of him and they’re still laying him off. It’s this shitty economy, Winnebago has been doing badly for a while now. Still. I don’t see this as bad news, because dad honestly hated that job with a passion. Anyway. He will work there until November 1st, his birthday. What asses.  Still. Like I said, not exactly bad news though. Sure he’ll have to find another job but let’s face it, I’ve thought he needed a new job for a long time. He has a lot of neck and back problems, bulging disks and whatnot, he’s got a knee that’s got problems, etc… and he still busts his ass at work. He’s not getting any younger, either. He actually went to college for psychology so hopefully he finds something in that area.

My parents’ like, 23rd wedding anniversary is close. I can’t remember exactly what day it’s on, but they’re going on a trip this weekend, I’m guessing they’ll be back some time late Saturday night, but they may stay longer, who knows. This leaves my brother and I the house. I think I’m going to get a bottle of vodka tomorrow, and have a drink or three on Friday night, and Saturday night. Saturday night after I get off work, my bro and I are going to watch Across the Universe. I’ve always wanted to watch that movie when I’ve been drinking, it’s probably really trippy (trippier than normal, anyway).

Vanessa’s hours at work have been cut a bit, so she’s only calling me every other day. While I do miss our like, three hour long chats, this will cut a few hours from the phone bill. I discussed the hours with dad the other day, and he was all, we have a 1200 minute plan, we never even come close to using like, 300, 600 minutes, one of those two. I had to tell him that, he’s used to me practically never ever using the phone, he’s just getting a little paranoid now that I actually USE the phone. I don’t think we’re going to go over, I think we’ll just use up more of our minutes. If we go over, I don’t think it’ll be by much. He asked me how I felt about getting my own phone, plan and everything. But that could cost me 50 bucks a month.

Um, I can’t afford that. I have 50 bucks a month for my student loan payment, a 300 dollar Radiologists of North Iowa bill I have to figure out how I’m going to pay, and gas in my car.

I’ve been putting it off but I really need to start looking for another job, one where I could work days, or Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, seeing as I have Tues., Thurs., Fri., and Sat. at the Colony Inn. I think I’ll spend tomorrow applying at places online. And actually DO it tomorrow, instead of mentioning it here and then not doing it. I need to start making enough money to be able to SAVE some, so I’ll actually be able to move out before I’m like 30.

Anyway, I’m off to do a myspace survey or two then go to bed. TTYL.

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