Well there’s a light in your eye that keeps shining, like a star that can’t wait for the night. I hate to think I’ve been blinded baby, why can’t I see you tonight? And the warmth of your smile starts a-burnin’, and the thrill of your touch gives me fright, And I’m shaking so much, really yearning, Why don’t you show up, make it all right? Yeah, it’s all right…

-Fool in the Rain, by Led Zeppelin.

[This entry is a bit long, although if you read my blog you’re used to that by now]. ;D

Well, kiddos, contrary to the incessant, useless rambling that usually falls out of my fingertips onto the computer screen, today I’ve got a few interesting stories to tell. Before we get to that, though, I’m going to explain the last entry’s song lyrics (from ‘Revolution’, by the Beatles’. I used those because of all the political crap going on right now, commercials, news, etc).

Now back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress.

I had said last entry that I didn’t want to work on Friday because I’d have to work with this hyperactive, annoying little 14 year old who does little else but babble incessantly about how he has a car, how he got in a moped accident, feeds this BS about how his friends are potheads, blah blah fucking blah, don’t really care. Thank you, end of story, good night. To make a long story short, he wasn’t there. So, in order to keep from drowning myself in dishwater, I had to have help from someone I like about as much as I like the idea of getting a fatal disease; this cook named Adam. He’s a shorter guy, he says he’s black, and I’m not saying one has to have really dark skin to be black, but his skin isn’t that dark, but I honestly don’t care one way or the other.

Anyway. With the exception of the 14 year old I work with, Adam is the most irritating assault on my ears, and it doesn’t help that he listens to rap, and is a biggot, using racial slurs and what not. He honestly will not shut up. Now, I like to talk, but goddammit, he is just on a whole nother level. You  just have to stand in awe of his ability to speak continuously for like three hours, barely stopping to breathe.

In spite of all this, sometimes I’m still not sure whether to tolerate him, or completely loathe him. Because on one hand, he’ll be saying stupid shit, things to me like “How do you like them apples, taste sour don’t they”, to saying stupid things about music. He was talking about the Beastie Boys, and in addition to not considering them classic rock, I don’t really consider them music at all. They’re not music to me; they’re not my thing. But he went “I suppose you’re a Beatles fan”.

Now I don’t think the Beatles can never do any wrong, but I have a hard time trusting someone else’s idea of music if they listen to rap, and don’t at least like the Beatles a little bit. Okay, that’s a lie, it’s actually just him liking rap that makes me distrust his musical taste. I don’t give two shits if he doesn’t like the Beatles; lots of people don’t. 🙂

Anyway. Back to me not being able to decide whether I hate him. We did talk about South Park, so at least he has some decent taste in cartoons. But honestly. I can’t stand people using racial slurs, and just being all around retarded. He’s one of those people you can’t have a real discussion with, yet he runs his mouth constantly. He’s got diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain, in other words.

So, I’ve started to stay after work sometimes to have a drink with a few co-workers, and I did so on Friday. I played a few songs on the internet jukebox, pretty much just sat around and talked with people. And that was fun.

Saturday was a fun day, all around. Let me get started. ;D

So, my mother, brother and I pretty much spent the entire day shopping. I didn’t buy much; I got a new tee shirt, with a guitar/wings/ paint looking splatter design for really cheap, like eight bucks (it was originally 20, but it was like 60 percent off), a soda, a new cheap bottle of royal blue nail polish, and an 80’s metal cd compellation that comes with 12 issues of Rolling Stone, I just need to send in the card to tell them where to send it).  It was fun going around to different stores, though, even though I was complaining about the radio station in the car (106.1; fucking sucks now.) Anyway. We split a couple sandwiches at the Target cafeteria thing for lunch, at like 3pm.

We got home with a couple hours for me to chill before work, which I was glad for.

Now to the interesting part; work.

The annoying 14 year old was back, apparently he was sick on Friday. I felt kind of good though because a couple of the cooks were telling him I saved his ass ‘yesterday’, etc. Sometimes I hate work, but I feel like I’m finally starting to fit in just a little, although there are a couple of servers and such that still talk to me like I’m retarded, hopefully that goes away. It did at PM Park, it should here.

Anyway. The radio was on the normal rock station which I’m not a huge fan of, but I left it on there. I don’t have supreme reign over the radio or anything. I just don’t usually keep it on there because it doesn’t come in all that well in the kitchen. If you stand in a certain place in front of it, you block the reception completely. Moving on. ;D So, working with the annoying 14 year old is a trip. He talks a lot, although not as much as Adam, but the most annoying, nerve stomping thing about him is that he half asses washing dishes. He’ll be okay for an hour or two, but then it seems like he hurries through them, and I end up having to bring dishes back, etc, and it gets on my nerves.


We’ll just be there longer to redo the ones you didn’t get right the fucking FIRST time. I don’t want to have to wash literally the entire time I’m at work, though; getting to put away dishes or unload bus tubs is a little bit of a break which I need sometimes. Anyway.

Not that it matters, but I changed the radio to the classic rock station after the other station started barely coming in, and they played some sweet stuff. Like Queen. When the 14 year old (I keep saying that because he’s young enough to where I’d rather not name him here for safety reasons) and I were cleaning up for the night, the radio played Another One Bites the Dust, and I’m actually quite sure that Queen is the only decent band this kid knows about.

Anyway. I had been planning all along to stay after work to have a few drinks with co-workers but when I got off work, the only person there was the cook I have a crush on, which.. yeah. I ended up loading the jukebox with like ten bucks, and putting five or ten into the little video game machine they have at the bar. I ended up playing Luxor (a Zuma type game), a match three type game, and a collapse type game, only you don’t continually get another row coming on the field, but I did that for at least a couple hours, didn’t drink at all.

So, I’m minding my own business playing Luxor I believe, and..

I got bought a drink. Mitch (yes, you all know his name now) bought me a drink. I wasn’t the only person he bought drinks (I overheard the bartender giving a drink to a co worker saying it was from Mitch), but it was still really flattering.

So, after my video game credits were over, I noticed a couple of co workers, so I went over to sit with them. We had a few shots (Carmel apple: apple pucker and butter shot. It was so good, I could have had a whole glass full.)

And um. I can’t remember if Mitch bought me two more shots or three. Can’t remember what they were, but either he has good taste in shots or he knows what shots girls like. xD

I don’t know who bought the shot of tequila, but I thought fire was going to come out of my nose. I only bought one drink, a carmel apple shot (another one lol). Some guy I didn’t know bought me a beer. xD

Moving on.

O.M.G. I thought I was weird, but Mitch, his oddity levels are literally off the chart. Can’t test them. They break the testing equipment. Which of course every time he’d sing loudly and drunkenly, or say/do something funny I of course had to giggle stupidly and hope everyone thought I was blushing because I’d been drinking. I just don’t know if I’ll ever be bold enough to say anything. I don’t think I’d be his type but what do I know about guys? xP

DAMMIT. If he didn’t have such a cute smile it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

But honestly, just being bought a few drinks made all those days I hated work more than well worth it. I wanted to jump around and dance for joy. I mean, it’s just being bought a few drinks, but that was such a freaking mood booster. I can’t wait to stay after again. I couldn’t have imagined I’d want to stay after work to hang with co-workers, because with every other job I’ve had, I couldn’t stand most of my co-workers, and I couldn’t wait to go home, but with this job, I actually like my co-workers (most of them anyway). It’s weird.

But yeah. So, after the bar closed, I went with some people to a co-workers house to just chill out. A few of them were playing poker with quarters and 1 dollar bills, and they got into a big argument because some guy thought he’d been accused of stealing a quarter. It was honestly this big, at least half hour long argument, over a fucking quarter.

Well. I didn’t play or anything, I pretty much just sat on the sidelines. I was drawing on my shoes with sharpie, I even ended up painting part of them with blue and black nail polish. I painted my nails with my new blue nail polish, and for being a little drunk I actually did a damn good job. You can’t even tell I was drunk when I painted them. 😉

I ended up leaving at about 2 something am, closer to three. I was only there that long because I wanted to make DAMN sure I was able to drive before I went home.

I only got like five hours of sleep but it felt like a complete night’s worth.

This morning already, we discovered something interesting. Someone stole dad’s skill saw from the garage. Don’t know who, don’t know why, but they did it.

Which that has spurned us on a whole ‘We have to lock everything when we leave, even if it’s just the grocery store’ thing.

Which, honestly. WHO fucking steals? It’s STUPID. It makes me really mad. Although, I was glad it wasn’t something else. I told the parents, well it could always be worse. At least they didn’t try to break in the house, or steal a car or something.

Still. It’s not like I was paranoid enough already, now I’m going to be afraid to stay up after my parents go to bed. I’ll still do it though, I’m not letting something like petty theft keep me from doing what I want. I just won’t go outside. Which, I don’t usually go out after dark anyway.

Although, this has made me kinda want to carry around a pocket knife or pepper spray or something.

The theft has made me sure of one thing; I’m going to start carrying around my cell phone literally everywhere I go. Sometimes I leave it at home because I barely ever use it when I’m out anyway, but now it’s going with me everywhere.

Anyway. The interesting stories I have have now been told, sadly. I hope you’ll excuse my incoherant rambling, that was unintentional; it’s not my fault I tend to be ADHD on the internet. 😉

Anyhoo. I’m off to listen to The Doors on youtube and consider getting dressed to talk a walk, and some pictures (I haven’t in ages, and for SOME REASON *ahem* I am feeling a bit inspired. Yes I am that pathetic. 😉

One thought on “Well there’s a light in your eye that keeps shining, like a star that can’t wait for the night. I hate to think I’ve been blinded baby, why can’t I see you tonight? And the warmth of your smile starts a-burnin’, and the thrill of your touch gives me fright, And I’m shaking so much, really yearning, Why don’t you show up, make it all right? Yeah, it’s all right…

  1. OK, in this single post alone, you’ve referenced four songs I regularly sing in my performances: fool in the rain, ordinary world, Thomas Dolby’s “brain is like a sieve,” and the much-underrated beatle classic “revolution.” hmmmm
    my website is http://www.youtube.com/user/winstonkiva
    A new band you might like: Tame Impala, specifically a song called Elephant

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