Hey! Wait! I’ve got a new complaint, forever in debt to your priceless advice

-“Heart Shaped Box”, Nirvana.

It’s been a while, eh? That is not entirely my fault. The computer I prefer to be on is still not working, and as it is the parental units continue to be Nazis with the remaining working computer, making me feel about 12 instead of 22. I can’t blame them for that, though. If I knew how to shut my mouth I might not have had to rush to the library to squeeze in as much time on the internet as possible before they close at 8.

As if this is a surprise to anyone by now, but the time between now and my last entry hasn’t been all that interesting. In fact, if it weren’t for work I’d have probably shot myself by now, or something. Not only working, but staying after work. I enjoy the conversations I have with my co workers. I also really like having the radio on when I’m working, and I enjoy singing along to it but I’ve probably really annoyed the people I work with.

Although, I haven’t been told “Who sings this? Then keep it that way” yet so I guess I’m okay.

Last night was the single most boring work day of my life. I was told that the entire time I was there, only two new people showed up the whole time. I had a full bus tub waiting for me when I got to work, I can’t  remember being brought back another full one the whole night. 

There were points where there was literally nothing for me to do. I didn’t want to look lazy but there are only so many things I can do. I practically text messaged my brother and Vanessa more than I actually worked. Well. And sang to the radio.

Usually there are more people that pass through the kitchen, therefore more people to talk to, but seeing as neither Mitch or myself are all that talkative during work… let’s just say it wasn’t a fun work day for anyone.

For that reason, I decided I’d stay for a little bit after work to have a few drinks. Myself, Mitch, and this regular I don’t know had a nice little discussion about politics and religion, two things I normally try to avoid discussing (let alone in a bar), but it was actually an intelligent conversation. Stuff about, 90 percent of voters aren’t qualified to vote, what did abortion and gay marriage have to do with how a country was run… things like, some comedian said each person should be able to kill one person without getting in trouble… etc.

After a while Mitch went off to eat and listen to music and it got really boring, so I was forced to dig out my sketchbook to keep myself entertained. I thought about going over and bothering him but I figured if he wanted to be around people he’d have sat at the bar. No big deal.

But I was feverishly doodling with colored sharpies, and trying to come up with interesting things to talk with JD about, which I’m pretty sure I failed at. I couldn’t get all that knackered since I had to drive home or else the conversation would have been much better. xD


If you’re wondering how my day today was, part of it was all right and part of it sucked ass.
I didn’t sleep in all that late, I’d gotten home at about 1am, and since I hadn’t gotten super wasted I didn’t get a hangover or anything. My dad and I started watching the second season of Heroes. I think we only watched like three episodes, and if I had home computer access and my father’s permission (as he technically owns the Heroes dvds) I’d be hunched in front of the computer screen watching more. Very intriguing. Although I was startled because I almost, almost, for the tiniest minute second, I almost felt bad for Sylar but I got over it, seeing as he’s an insufferable GIT. I felt really bad for Hiro though. Considering the whole, loving someone who doesn’t love you thing.  Plus he’s adorable.

I’m not racist or anything but he’s kind of the first Asian guy I’ve ever thought was really, really cute. Let’s just say that if I lived in the Heroes universe I’d be totally going after Hiro. Sure. Peter’s kind of a babe but I’d totally go for Hiro instead.

< /incessantly annoying, girly babble>

Sorry. I usually try to limit how much of that I let out but let’s face it, right now I don’t really give a shit.

I apologize. I’ve lost my mind and I would like it back please. Help if you can! Comment! It would be awesome. 😉

I wish I could think of something more intelligent to say but for now that’s all my mind’s willing to give me.

Until later.


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