She picks up daisies from a field, she loves to weave them in her hair, I know she knows it isn’t real, she still hears music in the air, it’s coming from inside her heart, I hope it lasts forever…

—“See  Your Sunshine”, by Paul McCartney.

Well bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs. It seems we have found ourselves at the end of another Wednesday and the beginning of another Thursday.  I always feel strange when I begin an entry and end an entry technically on different days.  I don’t know whether to say tomorrow or today.

Anyhoo. I have a bit of good news since my last entry. Recently, I have stayed overnight at a co worker’s house a few times. One such time when I was waiting for her to close the bar so she could give me a ride home (to her home, I don’t like showing up at my folks’ house late),  I was talking about some dilemmas I’ve been having regarding my living situation, and she said “You need my help”. She was aware of a studio apartment for rent, and she and her hubby are friends with the owner (they have even stayed in one of his apartments). She talked to him, and set up an appointment for me.

The appointment went great. The house the apartment is in was built in the 1800s and used to have a ballroom upstairs I believe. There is a metal spiral staircase outside for entry into the apartments, and a different wooden spiral staircase inside for actually getting all the way upstairs.

The room is amazing. It has this galley style kitchen, and a slanty ceiling, and it just gives off this amazing artistic energy. The only thing is, the bathroom is out in the hallway and I’d have to share it with the older gentleman that lives in the other studio apartment.

I got a good vibe from the landlord guy,  and I told him I was artistic and an old soul so this house/studio apartment was nothing short of amazing.

The utilities are paid, they have high speed internet, and it’s furnished.

I had a good feeling about it but in the back of my mind I was thinking “This is too good to be true, at just 280 a month in rent”…

It gets better. The deposit is only 100 bucks, and at the end of our little meeting, he gave me his name, number, and told me to call him when I have the deposit and we’ll work something out as to when I can move in.

And. I have the deposit. I am going to call him some time tomorrow morning to say I’ve got the deposit and to work out a time I can give it to him/discuss a moving in date. I’m going to want to move in as soon as I possibly can, but I might have to wait until the first of October.

I never thought this would happen. I mean, I always knew it would some day, but never did I expect to meet a co worker like the co worker I have… And I owe her big time. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t even have known about this apartment. And, utilities paid, furnished, for 280 a month?  Shit.

And the place is an artist’s dream. It’s got this great artsy feel to it,  I feel like I could get some really great artwork going in there.

The only thing I’m going to have to worry about is getting to work. My mother told me she’s not going to take me to work all winter, which she won’t have to. My co worker said she could give me rides to work. And I really hope she can because I still can’t drive and even if my parents are still willing to for a while… I would just feel weird. I can pay my co worker some gas money so she’s not like losing out on the deal. That is really the only thing I’d have to worry about.

Because when I work, we get free soup, bread, and salad (basically as long as the cook doesn’t have to cook it, it’s free). So I could even nick some of their cottage cheese… But I could grab a little cup of soup, a thing of bread, and a salad, and have not only that night’s dinner, but the next day’s lunch and dinner taken care of.

My parents are going to let me take the electric skillet we have that we never use, I believe we have an extra coffee pot that works, there is already a microwave, and there is a half size fridge but I’ll want to take my dorm fridge so I have almost a full fridge, and since the place has high speed internet there’s a good chance my parents will let me take this computer with me.

Besides this computer, my dorm fridge, and my record player/some of my records, I can basically move most of the stuff I need myself. Even if that entails stuffing it into a backpack and a duffel bag, and biking to the house.

Aren’t we, as children, taught that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is? Even though it’s not the case I’m having some trouble fully believing that this is actually going to happen. It’s not some thing a year in the future, it’s going to happen. Not hypothetically, it actually is. My paranoia and anxiety are acting up big time thinking somebody else will get the thing, but.. Hell. I just talked to him on Monday, and he told me to call him when I had the deposit. I doubt that in the course of not even three days he will have given it to someone else. I really am a worrywart…

I really owe my co worker.  First off, she’s let me stay over night at her house several times, she cut and colored my hair, and she is the sole reason I found out about this apartment. I don’t care how poor I am, she’s getting a freaking Christmas present.

I am so happy I can’t even describe.

Sure, it’s going to be a tough existence, especially since it will be the first time I’m really living on my own.  I got a taste of it in the dorms at college, but I’ll get even more here. I mean, I am still on the family’s cell phone plan, and I’ll still be coming home to do laundry, but other than that, I’ll be fending for myself, and I can’t tell you how thrilling a prospect that is.

In other news, I am still very much in musical love with the Beatles/Paul McCartney. I have been rationing out how much I listen to them in a single day though.  I won’t lie, I have listened to them a lot since my obsession basically began on the 9th (that was two weeks ago already? Shit! Time has certainly flown!)….

When in the very first episode of a new obsession, I tend to want to go overboard and listen to nothing but them for weeks at a time, and seeing as I don’t want to tire of the Beatles for a long, long time, I am not going to beat the crap out of their music like I usually do when obsessed with something.

I am going to have trouble sleeping tonight, I’m so excited.

In other less pleasant news, I have the hotel stay thing this weekend as an alternative for.. well you already know if you’ve read this before. But that is this weekend and I have all the money I need for that.

Speaking of money, I forgot to put earlier, but I will have to ask if the deposit on the apartment counts as part of this month’s rent, he just has to have it before hand, or if it’s in addition to. I’m pretty sure it’s in addition to, but my brother brought it up and I figured it would be a good thing to ask.

I’m noticing I’m starting to ramble, so it is here I end today’s entry. I will let you know how the phone call goes technically later today. xD And when I get to move into the apartment (whether that begins tomorrow or on the first of October), I’ll make sure to take lots of pics…

Good night, everyone.


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