Day 3

Okay kids, time to play good news and bad news. The good news is, this entry will probably be a lot shorter than my previous two.  The bad news is, I still did not get to that damn library.  It’s just too fucking cold for me to feel like walking over a mile, outdoors. I did however, do a one mile walk workout on a fitness dvd my mom has (That was probably like, 15 minutes or so). And like ten minutes of a step workout that I gave up on because the lady running it was really annoying. So I didn’t do too bad, I guess.

Today, I did write down what I ate, but I was a little less exact today. It’s hard to count calories when you don’t live solely on packaged food. With stuff I made myself… unless the nutrition facts are in the damn cookbook, I’m not going to know.

Anyway. For breakfast, I had a cup (measuring cup) of leftover ham casserole. In my defense, I went to bed at midnight lastnight having been freaked out by reading a creepy story online (I should know better by now), so it took me ages to get to sleep. THEN, I’m awoken by my parents talking downstairs, and my mother’s stompy sounding morning workout. So… when I finally made myself get up at like, 7:10, when I opened the fridge, the ham casserole looked good. So I grabbed it. XD

For lunch, I had an omelette, using a packet of parmesan/salami that came with a bag of lettuce we got (the lettuce was gone, or I’d have had a salad), and two slices of toast.

For my snacks, I had a fun size candy bar, and two bars.  As in, two bars that were baked in an oven. XD

For dinner, I had some tuna casserole I made. I’ll probably have an orange later.

I had one and a half cups of coffee, and I’m having an iced tea right now.

So like… Yeah. I got lazy today. No calorie counting or anything. I apologize for that. I blame it on my tiredness. When I go to bed around midnight, and it probably takes an hour for me to get to sleep, then I’m awoken like four hours later, I’m going to be a bit tired. Also, I don’t live solely on packaged food. Therefore, not everything I eat has nutrition facts plastered on them.

Also I’m afraid I have to once again let you down in the intelligent musings department. I haven’t watched any thought provoking documentaries, or anything. In fact all I watched today at all was part of an Italian cooking show on the Cooking channel.

I do however have a funny story to tell you about why I couldn’t get to sleep. The other day, someone on my deviantart posted a story about a creepy hacked pokemon gameboy color game. That first story I read was weird, but didn’t freak me out really.

Then they posted another story. I got about halfway through before I had to stop. It was stupid. It was just about a creepily hacked pokemon game (that probably doesn’t exist, actually) but it freaked me out. Firstly, probably because it was at night, and I should really know better than to read anything creepy at night. Secondly, they talked about a couple times in the hacked game where the music slowed in pitch until it was a demonic rumble. A strange phobia I have is music being played at the wrong speed. I’m not talking about it sounding just a half step higher or lower (as some songs do on the radio, as opposed to my cd copy), I mean more trying to play a 45 record on 33 speed.  It’s the most ridiculous phobia ever, but it’s almost worse than my fear of throwing up, which is plenty bad.

I’m even starting to get a little tense thinking about how the house will be dark and silent when I have to go upstairs to bed.

I’m basically afraid of the dark. Not like kids are, but I just… don’t like the dark.

I’m not going to worry about it much, though. I go through waves of this sort of paranoia. There was a time a few years ago that I was so staunchly afraid of being the only one awake in a dark house, that I would purposely go to bed extremely early (we’re talking 9pm here), just so I wouldn’t be the last one up. Also, if I was hanging out with friends or something, I was so afraid to come home to a dark, quiet house I would ask people if I could sleep over at their place. For some reason, dark quiet houses don’t bother me when they’re someone else’s. XD

I am miles past any fear of that type. I had actually gotten to where the dark didn’t bother me, and I imagine it’ll only be a couple nights before that feeling returns.

Well, I hope this entry was, as promised, shorter than the other two. Hopefully tomorrow I can be more specific in my recording. XD




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