Day Four

Oops. I forgot all about today’s entry. Thankfully I decided to log into windows live or I probably would have shut off the computer and just not gotten one written. Know that when I refer to “today” I technically mean  yesterday (Thursday)

This entry will probably be considerably shorter than the others, just because I was right about to go to bed.

For breakfast, I had a bagel, with like, not even a half teaspoon of cream cheese (because that’s all there was left), but I put raspberry preserves on one half, and strawberry on the other.

For lunch, I had a cup of tuna casserole.

For dinner, mom brought home grilled chicken sandwiches from Culvers. And I made muffins with orange marmalade inside, and I made a glaze to go over them. I also made my first foray into making candied orange slices for a garnish, and what I’m doing differently next time is going to make sure the sugar completely dissolves in the water BEFORE I turn the stove on. XD The two orange slices I tried were a bit bitter, but then again, I didn’t know what they were supposed to taste like. So maybe that’s just how they taste. I might find different uses for the extra ones. Like, maybe I’ll try to bake one inside a muffin. Just to see what that does. XD

Before I forget to say this, I had a handful of cheerios, and a mini candy bar as a snack. Also, I did 2 miles of a walking workout dvd my mom has.


Also, I want to give making fondant another try, especially since we actually have corn syrup this time. I don’t know if that will happen tomorrow, since I only made 8 muffins and would have to bake something else to justify fondant making.

So, for my random bit of musing for today, I’ve been thinking about getting involved in pagan/wiccan stuff more. My brother is involved in some wicca and he says it helps him feel more in control of his life. And frankly, I’ve always been curious when he and basically his best friend have done things, but I’ve been too apprehensive to actually ask. I’ll have to do more research, but the two areas that interested me the most were kitchen witches, and green witches.

Because one, making foods myself is something I’ve become weirdly drawn to. Even when it’s a simple recipe, I get some weird satisfaction out of cooking something from scratch, and then having people eat it, and like it. I really wish there were some other way for me to make a living off cooking, aside from actually being a restaurant cook, because there’s no way in hell I’d be able to handle that. I’ve been a dishwasher. I see what goes on in those kitchens, and let’s just say that if I was the cook, there would have been times I’d have wanted to hang myself off the ceiling pan racks.

Anyway. Back to the witchy business. The green witch part kind of ties in. I discovered this over the summer, but I am weirdly obsessed with plants I grow. I was obsessed with my pumpkin plant, I was obsessed with my tomatoes, my rose bush… even this little pine tree that randomly sprung up right beside our house. I don’t want to sound all insane on you, but there’s something about plants that I am drawn to and feel more connected to.

I mean, my gardening skill is no help in this area. My jalapenos only produced like… maybe 5 very small jalapenos. My tomatoes never got bigger than 2 inches around. My pumpkin plant only churned out 2 pumpkins. And most of the indoor plants I have don’t do that well. The exception would be my bamboo, and a flower my grandma gave me. In my defense, the pumpkins sprouted on their own very late in the season, and I acquired the jalapeno plant and the tomato plant late in the season… so I’m guessing purchasing plants earlier in the season should solve that problem.

Of course the bigger problem is having the money in the first place, and trust me, I’m still trying to tame that beast.

Anyway, this is where I leave you. I’m going to bed and I suggest you do the same. Unless you’re in England. Then it’s like, 7am.  I suppose if you didn’t have anything to do today, then carry on and go to bed. Good night/morning/afternoon/whatever. I’ll see you when I see you. If I don’t, then I won’t. XD


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