“Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about ‘eight’ minutes without air, but only for one second without hope”

Well, it seems as though we have reached day eight in my quest. I should apologize because I haven’t been as exacting as I originally planned with my record of what I eat. Also, I haven’t been snacking much at night, but I have not completely stuck to drinking a cup of tea when I have the urge to snack.

Part of that is just because I want to conserve tea. Lemon zinger is my favorite and I don’t want to run out.  I only have a few bags of green chai tea left, too. Those are the only teas I’ve actually bought myself. I’m trying to keep my usage of the other kinds to a minimum, mainly because I’d prefer to avoid getting a lecture reminiscent of mom’s “YOU EAT ALL OUR FOOD” one.

Today was another one of those “not quite there” days. I was up until 2am with cramps, and reading a wonderful online comic to distract myself until the tylenol started to kick in. Said comic would be Kimono’s Townhouse, and it is utterly addictive. I am only sad that I’ve literally read every comic since 2006, when it began. Here is the link if you would all like to not leave your computer for the next few hours:


I fell asleep pretty quick once I actually went up to bed. The sad part is, I woke up at like, 7. Which would normally not be that awful, if I’d gone to bed closer to midnight, like I usually do.  I got up to go to the bathroom with the intention of going back up to bed, but I couldn’t. I have issues sleeping when it’s light outside (unless particularly sick, or  unless I got drunk the night before).  Once I woke up and saw it wasn’t completely dark, it didn’t wake me up, but my mind just started thinking when all I wanted to do was sleep.

In my daze, for breakfast, I ate some blueberry oatmeal, which mom made. She had intended to share with dad, but as is normal, he was asleep, snoring in his recliner. I left enough in the pan for dad to have, if he wanted to.

Mom had happened to put rice, and chicken in the oven (separate containers), which she could have asked me to put in later, but since the school she works at started two hours late this morning, she used some of her extra time to make dinner.

It was my task to put said food away when it was done. I ended up eating a chicken leg at like ten am, but there was barely any meat on it at all. They put more chicken in a can of generic chicken noodle condensed soup, I assure you.

Also, I broke and ate two slices of cheese, but that was all I ate until 2pm. I got in this weird daze working on a picture in MS Paint (you can make decent art in MS Paint, it just takes for-fucking-ever) that, other than doing dishes and folding laundry, that’s just about all I did. Hours. It’s nearly done, actually. I just got to the hair and went “GOD DAMN I NEED A BREAK”. I’ll probably finish it up tomorrow.

For lunch, I had the rest of the blueberry oatmeal from breakfast. Other than  the cheese I ate, and the mouthful of chicken, I just really wasn’t all that hungry today.

For dinner, I had a chicken breast (which had barely any meat on it at all, and more fat than normal), some rice with chicken seasoning, and some green beans. Also, I ate an orange. I can’t forsee myself eating anything else tonight, save for some dum dums in place of the cough drops we still do not have, and if I cave in, a spoonful of chocolate frosting. (Don’t look at me like that, we’re out of miniature snickers bars dammit, and I get yelled at if I eat any chocolate chips). XD

I just really feel like shit today. BUT! I had a good hair day. Of course, I had nowhere to go to show it off, and nobody to show it off to. Also, dad didn’t work today, so I didn’t get a chance to possibly record a video blog, as I contemplated doing this morning.

Oh joy, I’m getting a headache again. That’s SO just what I always wanted. Dammit.

I’m just having one of those days where it hurts to think very hard. There’s a certain level of sleep deprivation that is just enough to get me in an odd mood, and to bring out some of my creativity (which is what I think happened today), but after that wears off, I’m just exhausted. Like now. I could almost go to bed right now, but in turn, I’d be waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and that just doesn’t work for me. Also, the tv that is on right now will probably be on until at least 10 or 11pm, and I’m guessing it would keep me from getting to sleep.

As it is, I’ll probably have a cup of coffee. At least half a cup. Just enough to keep me from passing out until a more reasonable time.

Well. I’m getting rambly, and I really don’t have anything else to say, so I guess that’s it for today’s entry.



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