Love potion number ‘9’.

I couldn’t find a decent quote about the number 9, so I picked a song title. I believe the song is either by the searchers, or the clovers, depending on which version you have. XD

(Again, I started writing this on Tuesday, so when I say today, I mean Tuesday, and therefore tomorrow means Wednesday).

Anyway. Most of my day today felt like a weird, very realistic dream. I can’t explain but I never quite felt like I was here. There’s going to be a full moon tomorrow, so I’m going to go with that as the reason, just to make myself feel better about not knowing exactly why I feel so loopy.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of corn pops. I was trying to decide whether I wanted those, or some special k chocolatey delight (we don’t often get name brand cereal like that, but we had a special coupon), and I was stumped to discover that corn pops has less saturated fat than the special k chocolatey delight.

Obviously because of the chocolate bits, but it just made me laugh. Because if you’d asked me which had more saturated fat, I probably would have guessed corn pops. Now, admittedly the special k had more vitamins and minerals, but it just made me laugh.

For lunch, I had a chicken wing, and some rice. For dinner,  I had an Italian salad (i.e. with sliced olives, some feta cheese, and Italian salad dressing. I added some croutons and a handful of chopped walnuts, just because). I had forgotten that you don’t need very much dressing when you’re using Italian, since we don’t usually keep Italian in our fridge (our regulars are ranch, french, and sweet videlia onion).

Also, today, I had not even a cup of this sweetened puffed rice cereal (so as not to hog all the honey nut cheerios, which I have been eating regularly ), two pieces of christmas nougat mint candy, and more recently, a slice of cheese.

Also, I’m sorry but I didn’t exercise today. I meant to. I really did. I will be doing a workout of some sort tomorrow, providing dad has to work and I therefore have time alone in the house. I was going to walk to the library to return my movies, but since mom had to go to the library for something earlier tonight, I just rode along with her. I renewed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, because I do want to watch that. Even though I’ve probably seen it like… four or five times. It’s become something of a feel good movie for me. It cheers me up when I’m in a bad mood. It’s so bizarre. I’m 24 years old. A children’s animated movie should not cheer me up as much as that one does.

“We’ll live underground, and use bacon for clothes!”

LOL! Also, I checked out The Cove, because I’ve heard it’s  intense (as far as documentaries go), and I’ve been curious to see it for myself since it came out. I also checked out the first two videos in a like, 12 part miniseries about the Vietnam war (I have watched the series before, but it was ages ago, and I didn’t really pay much attention). Also, I checked out a book about the war (more specifically, photography taken during), and a book about woodstock. Which I have checked out before and not gotten the chance to read.


Okay. So I am. Because I also checked out the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge, even though their cd is all scratched up and shit. I was just curious to see if it would work. My copy has been lost for years, (but I know it’s in the house somewhere) and all I have are some crappy quality versions I got from youtube.

Anyhoo, another reason I am not walking to the library tomorrow is because the temperature  is supposed to be really fucking cold.  So it’s just better that I do an indoor workout. I think I’ll skip the walking workout tomorrow for something more low impact. I like the walking workout, but it destroys my knees if I do it three days in a row, which was what I think I did. I think it was three. Maybe four. Can’t remember.

And that’s my day, really. Actually, mom and I watched a documentary about the team of rugby players whose plane crashed in the mountains. A synopsis says “On Friday the 13th of October, 1972, a charter plane carrying 45 rugby team members crashed in the remote Andes Mountains. For 72 days, the world thought they were dead. “. It was incredible. Like. I could not believe the torrent of bullshit these guys had thrown at them. One of the survivors… Oh lord. He had that hot spanishy accent, and for an old man, he had a very handsome face. I can’t remember which one he was, but he has the biggest proverbial balls of all time.  Just… Look up the Andes Plane Crash. There’s a book about it too.

It’s things like this that make me take a step back and examine my own life. Here are a group of 45 rugby team members of which only 16 survived. And they did so by going Donner party and eating their dead friends. They were trapped in the mountains for 72 fucking days.

It was crazy.

That’s about all I’ve got for this entry, really. Off the Map is on tomorrow (which is technically today, but forget that). I wasn’t going to start watching it, but I caught a replay of the pilot episode, and it was really fucking good. Definitely not a run of the mill medical show, because we have far too many of those. I think it puts a different enough spin on things that it could do very well. At least, I hope it does. Dramatic tv shows myself or someone in the immediate family likes often get cancelled. I.e. The Pretender. Dad watched the Profiler. We loved Joan of Arcadia. I loved Heroes, but of course that had to go and get cancelled. God dammit. Now where am I supposed to oogle Masi Oka on tv? I am not watching the Get Smart remake for 5 minutes of fangirly time. XD Okay. So I actually have before. That’s aside the point.

God damn you NBC and your depriving me of hot Asian men.

ANYWAY. My only hope for this show is that they aren’t going to leave us with too high expectations. I.e. padding the pilot with more drama than normal to get people hooked. That only works for so long. If your next couple episodes aren’t as dramatic, people will lose interest.

Anyway, I am going to get to bed. I had intended to be in bed already, but once again I nearly forgot to write this blog.

OH WAIT. I recorded a video blog today but you will be lucky if you see that by the end of this week. XD

Okay. NOW I’m going to bed. Good night and stay safe everyone.


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