“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ‘ten’ percent a bad reputation.”

– Henry Kissinger

Well it seems we have hit day ten, and I may actually finish this entry on the correct day. Go me.

You’ll have to excuse me if this blog has an overall RAGE tone to it, because I am just coming down from a particularly bad fury mood swing. I don’t know what it is about me this month, but usually my “that time of the month”s aren’t nearly this bad moodwise. I am continuing to blame the full moon tonight, as I have no other explanation for it.

For breakfast, I ate scrambled eggs. Right before dad and I watched The Cove, which was probably a good thing, because The Cove was very disturbing. I know I’m a little late on that one, because it came out in 2009, but… I just couldn’t believe some of that shit. I can’t even see a Sea World commercial now without getting really pissed off. I think it’s going to change my whole view on water parks. I’m always going to wonder under what circumstances the whales and dolphins came to live at places like Sea World. Were they like the dolphins on The Cove? They had trainers come and pick the ones they wanted, and the rest of the dolphins got slaughtered?

But moving on. I don’t want this whole blog to be a rant.

For lunch, I ate some noodles (with some parmesan and butter), the noodles being leftover from when I made tuna casserole (on a Cove related note, I think I’m going to be paranoid about eating fish of any kind now for fear I’ll get mercury poisoning. Which brings me to my next rage point about humans not wanting to admit that we’re the reason there are less fish. We are effectively eradicating them, and one day when they’re all but gone, we’ll be sorry.). But again. That’s another rant for another day.

For dinner, Mom and I had mashed potatoes, (made from actual potatoes, not from a box of flaky looking shit) and a tiny bit of chicken. I had a bowl of cereal earlier, and another small one after dinner. Also, I had a bar that I made. I will probably have one more bar tonight, but that’ll be it.

I actually did get some exercising done today. I did about 12 minutes of a workout that uses one of those stretchy resistance bands, but the woman was just going too damn fast and doing all these moves I was having trouble following. I laugh when workouts tell you to watch the whole dvd first before you try doing it, but I think I may try just watching to see if that helps. I hopped on the exercise bike for a little bit after that, but I can’t go for even five minutes without the exercise bike killing my knees…so I just pedaled really really fast to make up for that.

Anything intelligent I may have had to discuss today I have already said.  Mom and I went to Mason City today, to pick up a couple things, among them, a box of constant comment orange spice tea. It’s my favorite next to lemon zinger. I had a cup already. I’d have another, but it’s caffeinated and that would probably not be a great idea.

I don’t want to turn this into a rage rant, so I’ll just say that I’ve just been getting really pissed off at people lately. Gays can marry in Iowa, now a bunch of sexist republican biggots are trying to repeal that and make it illegal for gays to marry in Iowa.

All I can say is, I need to get out of Iowa. I should wait until the weather gets decent, and then… pack a bag and just start fucking walking to California. Or something.  Somewhere more liberal. More and more I just can’t stand the sandstorm of old christian biggots here. Maybe I could make a pilgrimage to New York to visit the site where they held Woodstock.

Yeah sure. There are biggots and rich white republcians in California too, but something’s gotta give. There’s a lot good about Iowa, but I just need to get out.

Which brings me to the you need a job thing. If I got one here, that would kind of kill any dreams of just leaving whenever I want. But I would need money saved up for that.

Okay. So what if I planned to find a job, and save up some money, THEN go on a pilgrimage to New York? Or wherever.

I could make it something I document with pictures and journals. Maybe I could even write a book and make money doing something I actually like and that doesn’t involve being fake nice to a bunch of sweaty, unreasonable customers or something.

I almost forgot to mention that my parents are going to be gone all day Saturday. They’re coming home Sunday morning. And I don’t have any booze money. I’ll probably spend the day/night as I normally do when my parents are gone. I stay up really late and watch movies. Which will be fun with or without alcohol. But would be more fun with. lol.

In closing, if you need a new show to watch, I recommend Off the Map, on ABC. It’s two episodes in, and I am IN LOVE with it so far.

Au revoir, et bonne nuit les amis. I’ll catch you all tomorrow.
(I don’t care if my French isn’t grammatically correct. I’m just starting to learn it again after like five years, and I didn’t know it that well back then, so give me a break)

Look at that. An hour and five minutes until Thursday. Score.


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