Lucky number thirteen.

Yep. Day thirteen. I’m thisclose to having kept this up for two weeks! It kinda feels good.

I haven’t been quite as accurate as I originally intended, but I plan on buckling down pretty soon. I mean, I haven’t NOT been accurate, but I haven’t been as thorough as I want, which I will try to rectify in the coming days, weeks, etc.

Today has been a pretty fun day. My parents left at about 8am, to go have a day to themselves. They’re staying in a hotel tonight, and coming home some time tomorrow.

I’ve had the whole house to myself all day. Basically I’ve been listening to the Beatles all day. Literally. Except about 20 minutes while watching random boring tv, and the running time of Across the Universe. It’s such a great movie. I may actually watch it again tonight. The visuals are really amazing. So is the rest of it.  But the visuals are awesome.

I’ve had a copius amount of caffeine today. When I say copius, I mean six cups of coffee and about four of caffeinated tea. I’ve got about three cups of tea already made, and 2 of coffee. I can’t forsee myself making any more coffee, but I may have a cup or two more of tea.

I’m going to attempt to pull an all nighter, mainly because I don’t often get the opportunity to blare music and watch movies until all hours, so I take advantage when I can.

Let’s get to the food part before I forget why I’m even writing this.

For breakfast, I had an egg and a piece of toast… you know when you cut a hole in the bread, stick it on the skillet, and then pour an egg into the hole? Yeah that. It was heart shaped. I love cookie cutters. ^_^

For lunch, I had a grilled cheese sandwich with chopped onion and green pepper inside, because that shit is fucking delicious.

For dinner, I had homemade french fries, with some made from scratch barbecue sauce. You can get the recipe for the BBQ sauce here:

It was tasty as hell.

Also, the fries are really easy. Basically, peel some potatoes, slice them up, let them soak in salted water for half an hour, take them out (making sure to dry them super well), then toss them on a baking sheet with some olive oil and whatever spices you want, and bake in a 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes. Or until they’re as crispy as you like.

Anyhoo, in addition to my meals, I’ve had… I want to say two cupcakes, probably three or four cupcake tops (from the goopy failed cupcakes), and a bar. Or two. Can’t remember.

I would have walked to the library today, but it was bitterly cold (at least ten or fifteen degrees below zero), so my parents offered to drop my movies off at the library before they left town.  So… a little bit after they left, I cleared the table and took some still life pictures of trinkets and glassware I have. I drew some. All while listening to the Beatles.

It’s all been a blur of drawing and Beatles music today. I think I may be settling back into a nice Beatles obsession. I’ve listened to them on and off since my last obsession, which was… I want to say September 09.  For the first couple months, I listened to them religiously. Then, after that, I purposely started listening to them less, even though I was still very much in an obsession over them.

I learned that lesson with Queen. For about three years, I was in a mega Queen phase and listened to little else.  I love Queen to bits, they’re one of my favorite bands on earth, but I got so burnt out on them that I still hardly listen to them. It can be difficult, in the throes of an obsession, to make yourself listen to something else, but I really really really love the Beatles, and I didn’t want to burn myself out on them, so I purposely limited my listening.

I can see myself heavily listening to the Beatles for a month… maybe two.  It all depends on if I find another musical phase appealing to me.

I guess we’ll see.

Okay, so you remember a couple days ago how I said I’d recorded a vlog? I deleted the files, because I didn’t like them. I wasn’t very coherant. It was basically a bunch of random shit thrown together, and I just really didn’t like it at all. I’m going to wait until I have a more concrete vlog planned to record another one.

Vlogging is different than just writing a blog. With a blog, I can ramble. I’d feel weird doing that in a video. I feel like with a vlog, I have to have something more to say than if I just set out to write a blog. I’m weird that way.

Speaking of rambling, I can’t really think of anything more I have to say here.

I’m off to… I don’t know. Listen to more Beatles music. Maybe watch Across the Universe again. Or maybe I’ll watch The Graduate first. And then AtU again. See you tomorrow.



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