oh, she’s only seventeen wine and whine and wound up over everything…

-Originally from Kings of Leon, but the version I know best was a remake by the Proclaimers:


Anyhoo. It’s day 17.

I’ll admit to you right off the bat, I cheated last night and had two cookies and a cup of pretzels. I felt kind of bad about that.

I don’t know. Sometimes I’m perfectly okay with food, and sometimes I just have to eat something. I mean, I could have done a lot worse than a couple tiny cookies and some pretzels, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

Let’s get to the food bits before I forget what I’m writing this for and go off onto a huge tangent.

My breakfast. Uneventful. Blah

Lunch. Tuna salad wrap, with a pickle, and some pretzels. That wrap was delicious. I’m sad we’re out of tuna. XD

I honestly don’t remember if I had one or two cookies after this. It was probably two if I can’t remember.

My dinner. Some hamburger soup, and a quesedilla with cheese, chopped onion and olive inside. I did throw some crushed up crackers into my soup after this, but that was to soak up some of the liquid. I think I could have gotten away with just adding one can of water, instead of two.

I had some cereal after that, and a cookie. Also today, I had two slices of bread, with just a tiny bit of butter on them.

Also, I did a 20 minute walking workout (which was about a mile and a half), and I used hand weights. My back and knees have been bugging me a lot lately, or I’d have done the entire workout, which is a 3 mile workout.

I tried doing a more normal sort of workout, but I just felt really retarded. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too slow for a normal workout. They move too fast and I just get confused and irritated, and I feel completely retarded. I don’t get that with the walking workout. Okay. I still feel a little stupid, but not quite as stupid. Plus, with these walking workouts, it’s easier to modify it if you’re at a beginner level, or if you’re just horrendously fat like I am, because there’s a steady pace that you’re going at, and they even tell you in the workout; it doesn’t matter if you’re doing all the moves exactly perfect. The point is that you’re moving.

Well, the only really interesting thing I did today was I went to the library for a bit with my mom. She works their book sale (volunteers to. She’s a member of the Friends of the Library also) and I helped her a bit with that. She marks books that sit at their book sale shelves. I didn’t want you to think this was like some active sale where you have to talk to people and sit at a booth or something. Lol.

Also bought a couple sodas at the grocery store. It’s pretty sad when that’s the only excitement you get all day.

Well, I lied. I got to play with the next door neighbor puppy for a little bit. Also, I watched my new favorite show, Off the Map. I love that show so much. It’s only three episodes in, but god damn. I hope it lasts. It’s really an amazing show.

Anyway, I’m off to watch a bit of the Late Late Show (I have a huge celebrity crush on Craig Ferguson ^_^ ), and then I’ll hop in bed, so good night. 🙂


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