18 and I like it!

Bahaha. Alice Cooper.

Well kids, it’s day eighteen. I’m sorry to inform you that there are no pictures today, because clearly I win at taking pictures and every single one I took came out blurry and looked like shit, so I spared you all the trouble… and myself. It’s a pain in the ass to resize everything. XD

Okay. So. For breakfast, I had a bowl of special K chocolatey delight. It will probably be the only bowl I get out of that box. The boxes are too fucking small. For all sorts of cereal. I’d rather pay more and get more than 2 bowls of cereal out of a fucking box… Seriously? I’ve been dying for some Raisin Nut Bran, but that shit is like 3.65 a box. That’s fucking ridiculous. XD

Anyway. For lunch, I had a sandwich with sliced turkey, some lettuce, pickles, a slice of cheese, and some of my homemade barbecue sauce. Which is also what I had for dinner. Yes, I did enjoy it enough to eat twice. Lunch though, I just had the sandwich. With dinner, I had some taco chips, and some exotic veggie chips we got at Target.

For dessert, I had a cup of pomegranate chobani greek yogurt.

Eh. The only other stuff I can think of today was… I drew a lot. I found a meme to do on deviantart, and I churned out 7 small drawings for that.

Okay well. This morning I went grocery shopping with dad in town, and I got him to buy two green peppers (because they were still 2 for a dollar) because mom and I like putting them on salads and what not. Also, dad bought me my yearly cadbury creme egg. I get at least one every year. I know it’s super early for that kind of thing, but… let’s just say dad is easier to get to buy you stuff. It was only like… 67 cents. If it were any more I wouldn’t have asked.

The day was pretty boring. Did some stuff around the house including cleaning the bathroom (my all time least favorite chore)…

Then in the evening, mom and I went grocery shopping in Mason.

That’s literally all I did today. So exciting, I know.

I’m off to do internety things. TTYL


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