19 out of 20 doctors think that out of 20 doctors, one person will always disagree with the other 19.

Modified from a Whose Line quote that Colin made. I think his was about 9/10 dentists, but I needed something that pertained to nineteen, because this is my 19th entry.

And there’s still nobody reading this blog at all. Awesome. Actually. ONE person on facebook said they read it once, but they probably haven’t read it since then so I don’t know if that counts.

Alright, so, there aren’t any pictures again today, mainly because I was too lazy to take them. Despite my laziness today, I am planning on making pictures an everyday occurrence, so don’t worry. Also, next week I’m planning on going back to being a bit more accurate with my food journaling. I mean… I’m not going to count calories and shit, but I am going to be more exacting. Also, I’m going to try to follow the Weight Watchers point method on my own, after making a list of common foods and their values so I don’t have to google the name of every single food I eat before I eat it.

Anyhoo. For breakfast, I had a bowl of special k chocolatey delight, or whatever the fuck it’s called. I did a bit of the strong knees workout, but my back and knees have been bugging me like hell after that day last week that I basically spent 9 hours in a row on my feet, in the kitchen. I’ve been trying to go fairly easy on it so I don’t exacerbate any back issues. I would have done the walking workout I like, but my knees were really killing me, and those can be a bit tough on my knees.

While I was checking my myspace this morning, I got a message from a former coworker of mine that I’m honestly surprised I can even be friends with anymore.

On the very off chance that you’ve read this blog since about 2009 or so, this was the same co worker that I got a slight crush on, told like, two of my coworkers, and all of a sudden everyone knew about it and were pestering him about it without my knowledge, and blowing it out of proportion in the process.

That resulted in him removing me from his friendslist and basically ignoring me for ages. Until I messaged him some time last year, while drunk at a friend’s house. That message was basically along the lines of “Hey nerd I haven’t talked to you forever blahblahblah” and we’ve been exchanging the occasional message since then.  It doesn’t seem like much but I was sure that whole crush coworker gossip fiasco had basically ruined any chance at a friendship. Thankfully it hasn’t, because he’s funny as hell, and I miss all the loud, drunken comments he used to make while at the bar.

I mean, we don’t talk that often (the last message before today was at Thanksgiving) but there was a point that I didn’t think I’d talk to him again ever, so it’s pretty awesome. He is very amusing. And I’m pretty sure he’d shoot me if he ever saw this picture I took of him at the Halloween party in 2008, so let’s hope he didn’t bookmark this blog from when he read it once. XD http://crystalsister.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=halloween#/d2hg20z

So many fun drunken times were had at that bar, with all sorts of regulars. Sigh. So much money spent on the internet jukebox.  I miss my workplace, even though I literally haven’t worked there since November of 2009. I miss it every day. Even the people I don’t like. XD

ANYWAY. Before I got off on a tangent, I was discussing my food intake for the day. For lunch, I had a sandwich wrap, and a few exotic veggie chips (carrots, blue potatoes, and I forget what else, but they were unusual veggies). For dinner, we had soft shelled tacos. OM NOM NOM.

I apologize for my laziness in relaying what I ate today, but I’ve been up since six am and meant to get to bed before now. Lol. Also, I did weigh myself today. I won’t tell you what I weigh. However, I will tell you that it hasn’t changed from the beginning of the week.  Just figure… if I told you to guess my weight and you guessed, you’d probably guess about 50 pounds below what I actually weigh, because that happens a lot.

I think that’s about it really. I made a giant friendship bracelet out of yarn today, because I was once again getting frustrated at my lack of knitting skills. Today’s creation was basically an experiment.

The normal sized friendship bracelet I made last year was with just six strings. I made this thing with 12. The next time I attempt something of this nature, I’m either going to make it with 6 strings and make several larger strands that I can braid together to make a scarf, or, I’ll make another with 12 strings, and just make each individual string longer.

If you’ve gotten through all my boring, drab babble (say that five times fast) you deserve a cookie or something. Anyway, I should probably get to bed. My mom is going to visit grandma tomorrow, and I’m going along, because my grandma is very humorous and full of funny old sayings (i.e. “He don’t amount to shit and two hoops”). Plus it’s just fun to not be at home for a change.

I will see you later. Hopefully future blog entries will be better organized and more interesting.





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